Its been about a week since my last confessional.

Its been about a week since my last confessional. I mean update.

Well my resume is still getting sent out there, but the fish just aint biting just yet.

Today was my second day at my job. Been getting training, and by the end of the day today I was just about out of training. As much as I like having my hand held during a job, guess you cant always have that.

I basically am part of a customer service call center for some agricultural catalogs. Its weird cause I basically spend all day listening to these people from all over, Tennessee to Texas. From Georgia peaches to Pine tree farmers named Peabody*. By the end of the day I’ve adapted some strange accent that I cant shake for a few hours. Call my cell after work and you’ll probably end up speaking to Alvin Shamus Smitherson.

Its not paying what I want, but like I said, it’ll cover the bills.

Once I land that job that’s hit my degree right on target, I’m outtie 5 0. (small side note to ex-Hub Connection employees, had a customer who was mad that he received his order of trees while it was still snowing outside and the ground was frozen and unplantable, he was basically fuming that he received his order too early. (keep in mind that as long as he keeps his trees in like a garage, they wont die) while I was taking this call, and he was just about using as many curses he knew, I couldn’t help but think about Mr. Waits or Mr. Dennis Gallagher. Who probably lost millions of dollars thanks to the Hub. No matter what the guy said about his plants, I just couldn’t really sympathize, like what I mean is, I didn’t really care that he got his plants early. I could care less if they died. The size of his problem just couldn’t compare, in my mind, to the type of problems that were faced at the Hub Connection. I mean, maybe if he was talking about his entire crop, which is what keeps food on the table for his family, then maybe I could be like, well that sucks. But,… A bunch of trees? If you cant smoke’em … feh.

I don’t know, I’m sure one day, I’ll get a customer on the phone who will explain to me exactly how the entire world is effected by his Maple tree, and then it will all make sense. On that note though, I am learning an awful lot about plants and farming. Like how to take care of perennials. Or if you want a hedge like plant that will keep the neighbors out year round, you are going to want to stick with something not deciduous, but more of an evergreen like a hemlock screen. And when year old Maple Trees are in a dormant state, they basically look like sticks. And if you don’t know which way to plant a bulb, you can plant it sideways, and it will find its way.

so its not a complete waste of time, at least after this job I can become a farmer or gardener.

well gtg be back soon


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