my place

508 w Hill st, APT# 2
Champaign, IL 61820

There it is, thats my place. Going to be my place for 12 months. So send me mail! NoW! Beyotch!

Its sweet. there will be pictures eventually. Im updating from andrea’s house right now. As i probably will be doing for awhile now. I know since i changed this website to password protected that there arent going to be many people frequenting it from outside my friend pool. But feel free to tell your friends about it. And as long as they dont work for my company, you can let them in on the name and all. I don’t mind.

Don’t really know how necessary it is for me to make a password for the site, but whatever, im to lazy to change it now.

Anyways. thats about that.

Oh i had a dream that it was the morning of finals, and i totaly didnt read or study anything.

i woke up scared … really scared. ..

KOT i know i am.


I am moving out today into my new place. I wont have any internet access at my place until i decide to pay for it. So this will most likely be the last update for awhile.

I can always be reached by email or cell. Don’t know my cell? Email me:

(Saul I was hijacked dood. Im switching to Opera once i get unhijacked.:/ )

I get my new bed at 12 today. cant wait.

later all


3 days left

3 days left. Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (move in!), Saturday (bed arrives!).

Only a few days left in this hell hole. Oh man, can’t wait.

I’ve started up drawing again. Sorta just something on the side, bought one of those drawing book things. Don’t know why, just know why not. Kinda helps i think cause now i can do this if i got nothing else to do. Which can happen sometimes.

Tired. Sleep now. haha short post

Forgot to mention

Forgot to mention. I’ve been having this bad case of De ja’vu lately. Almost every other day I will do something, or there will be a moment where I feel that what I’m doing right then, I have had a dream about already in the past.

Today when I was signing the lease, being in the office wasn’t triggering anything. But the moment the leasing agent slid the lease on the table towards me, it triggered a memory of the exact room and people in it, that I had had in a dream. In the dream I was signing for an apartment, but didn’t have enough money to pay, so everyone in the room started to laugh at me and I had to run out of the office. When I was triggered of that memory from a dream, I suddenly felt a little self conscience, as if something was about to happen that would make me want to run out of the room, or at least something that would make everyone in the office laugh at me. Even had that emotional switch go off which made me very uncomfortable. I quickly though shook it off and proceeded with what I had to do.

Its weird. I am seriously beginning to wonder if I , or if people in general, have the ability to dream about the future. Of course this line of thought could lead into bigger discussions of reality. Hmmmm I think I will lay in bed staring out the window and ponder this thought.


I signed the lease!

I signed the lease! I move in on Friday June 11th! Going to buy a bed to get delivered on Saturday so I can sleep at new place ASAP. Can’t wait. I think I’m going to go the cheap way and buy a cheap futon rather than spend like 300$ on a bed that I will have a year and then trash at the end of that year

who knows maybe I will get another bed in august but for now I think all I need is a shit bed. I’m going to buy a nice comforter though. My brother had a sweet one that was like better than the actually mattress so it didn’t matter where it was it would always feel good. That seems more likely considering moving around a comforter is easier than moving around an entire bed.

Right now I’m just chilling. I re-edited this site to include that password to protect any content on my website. Well to be more specific this BLOG content. Sure getting into it is easy for my friends. But lets say someone at work wanted to get in. They would have to know the answers wouldn’t they? And if they asked for the passwords, id just kindly say “I’ve decided not to give anyone at work my passwords” hahah don’t know how that’s going to blow over but perhaps, it will never ever ever happen. I’m going to make sure no one else gets my email at work. I do have a new company email, but I’m not going to be giving that out to anyone. Seeing as how I’m only allowed to accept work related emails.

Same goes for my work #. My extention is for my clients and co-workers. Kinda sucks. But oh well. I still have my cell phone so you can always use that.

Only one more week in this hell hole apartment, and then ill be in my new one. I cant wait. The first thing I’m going to do is throw a party! … well maybe not, seeing as how most of the tenants in this particular apartment complex are senior citizens(which consists of only 11 apartments, this is no new york city apartment building… well you will see when I get the pictures up) there was a similar apartment with a more younger crowd, but I figured old people are much easier to get along with and I wouldn’t have to worry about loud music being played while I’m trying to get to sleep for work the next morning. My first apartment which I posted pics of awhile back, in Bloomington/Normal was awesome, but the atmosphere of the people living there was very college oriented so some nights it was very very hard to get to bed to get up the next morning. Loud music, people yelling, and talking, it was a kind of crazy place to be. Only to get worse as the summer would progress. The neighborhood I will be in now will be mostly older people. Some with families, and a more … upper to middle class area. Well I think. Which is going to be good I think. Right now its the summer and just the beginning, that whole college crowd has gone away. But they will be back in September, and I think I want to distance myself away from it. Or at least have it within walking distance rather than ear shot from my bed.

The money situation isn’t that great right now. But hopefully things will level out once I get my first pay check, which I still don’t know when that will be. Right now I’m waiting on some money from the Government still and some paychecks from my last job. Hopefully by this coming Friday I will be in better financial standing. That computer I talked about is still going to be put on the back shelf for at least another month or two. Maybe I will be able to get something on my birthday? Heheh.

The roach situation for the most part has improved I think. They have been dying off alot lately. One of my roommates has acknowledge that they seem to be in fewer numbers. They aren’t gone, though. And I don’t think anything I can do, less of setting off some bombs/foggers will get rid of them completely. All I care is that they are few and far between until Friday.

On move day I plan on taking stuff out of my car and laying it out in the parking lot of my new place and inspecting it for Stole aways. I do not plan on encouraging the spread of this Hive into my new apartment. I will do whatever it takes to keep a conclave from being born in my new place. Rodents and insects beware, I will destroy you. Even if I have to put on my firebat uniform and go to town on the place.

Renters insurance. Anyone ever hear of it? I don’t know what to think. I guess I will think about it more. Apparently if my place burns down, the landlord will not replace my stuff.. what a shocker. But if I get renters insurance with like State Farm or an insurance company like that, they would replace stuff. If anyone has any knowledge on that please email me or post the msg board (yes I know no one uses it). Also if anyone has any personal feelings toward AAA. I’m trying to decide if I should get AAA for my car. Geico has some sort of protection for that but I think getting direct from AAA which is far more established throughout the country, it might be a better idea. I definitely think I should get it before I go on any far off trips with my car. Although I guess we will see.

Mig is going to be in Michigan today I think. He wants to come down to my place and check out how things are, which I’m going to be cool with. Cept he is 3 hours away, and with a job, with 0 flexibility to take days off when I feel like, its a little crazy, but I’m sure I will work something out. Jamie, an old friend is coming back from Italy this week too. That will be fun. There is talk of going to either Indiana beach or turkey run. I cant remember which right now. Also there are plans in the making to go do some vacationing somewhere. Don’t know what or where yet, but I’m sure it will be fun.

About coming back to new york city, (speaking of vacation) I don’t know if I that will be anytime soon. I don’t get my first vacation from my job for awhile right now. If anything such an event would not happen until August. But again, we shall see what we shall see.

I’m going to be getting my first dealers on Monday. These will be my personal clients. Sweet I cant wait. They wont be permanent though. Just kinda be temporary. I wont have my own “territory” till July 1st. I wonder if this is still like just their way of evaluating me, seeing if they will keep me or not. From what I can tell though, upper management sees something in me that they do not wish to let go of anytime soon. My constant drive to learn more and do more is of course giving those who require it, a good impression. I’m surprised that this company doesn’t have more young college grads coming into the work force. (When I was down in Human Resources, I saw a list of people who are on a to be interviewed list… I wonder when I was being considered for my job, if I had a lot of competition, and really hard competition, or if I was basically the “pick” of the litter. Who knows. Don’t want to jinx it.

Anyways I’ll be around
Thanks Ethan for having me at your bar b q today, sorry I couldn’t stay the whole time.