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Who would want to read these anyways.

When i look back at my history i see that it goes back to 2004. before that there were entries in other journals.

i like this one.

ummm lets see… i like anime. More so than I ever have.

Its just great. And I can watch it on my own time. Not dictated by any network’s time tables. Well except when I get to the end and I have to wait for those people in Japan to get back to making more episodes. Ive said it before and I will say it again! Its great you are watching Japanese Animation on the cartoon network. And now that you like it STOP! Start watching the original versions with sub titles! Whenever anything is brought over to the US it is edited. A LOT of content is thrown out because its not deemed appropriate for the youth of America. Which is teh suck because you are changing the characters and who they are. Who they were intended to be by the original writers. Or at least the original adaptation writers. I am sure there is some loss between manga and anime too. Fuck Believe it. Long Live Dattebayo!

Once I wrote that my love life was fine it was my professional life that was sucking. Now I feel its the complete opposite. :: sigh ::

AnimE online

AnimE online

Anime series online with downloadable content through Itunes and Artists create a 5 to 10 episode series. Bands local or no name create sound track. Merch with shirts and pins and bags. Anime can he geared toward emo culture or punk. And maybe a cutsie demo. 3 series that air one after another giving staff a 3 week window to create new episodes.