Technite Future

I had a dream that Ethan and I were back at tech. But its not 1998, its the future, like near future. Anyways, we were on the 49th floor. Sort of just walking around. We were just leaving a computer class or something. Well eventually we get this idea that we should visit the old Aerospace classroom. So we head on down to this secret stair well that takes you right into the room. When we get there though, its super deserted. There are tons of rusty engines and engine parts. As we look around, this short black lady walks in and tells us what happened. I think she was our Biology teacher but I can’t remember. Apparently sometime after we graduated the Aerospace major was cancelled. While she is telling us about how the place hasn’t been used, we see this fuzzy hamster like creature with big eyes walking on this turbine. Its so cute! And it can roll up like a hedgehog; only it looks like a rock when it does. That’s when I notice smaller rocks rolling all over the floor.

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