Done! Check this out. My favorite albums of the decade.

These are my favorite albums from this past decade. These are not in any particular order and all of them made my list for different reasons…and there’s about 35 of them.
Well I guess if you notice they are almost in alphabetical order haha because it was just easier for me that way.

The Academy Is…”Almost Here” Feb. 2005
I remember hearing their song “Checkmarks” on the ride home from Indianapolis airport. I loved the singer’s voice. All of the academy’s albums were great but this one is by far my favorite.

Alien Ant Farm “ANThology” March 2001
This album makes my list because of all the memories. This was pretty much one of the first rock albums I bought in high school. Up until this point I was listening to only rap and anything mainstream. Although this album was mainstream it was also a gateway into the world of rock for me. I remember listening to the song “Movies” over and over with my friend Jen. This album is still one of my favorites of all time.

As Cities Burn “Son, I Loved You At Your Darkest” June 2005
Although this album I don’t necessarily believe was their best, it is the one that stands out the most for me. And between their 3 albums it’s a toss up of which was the best. The lyrics in this album are absolutely amazing and got me through a lot of tough times.

Brand New “Deja Entendu” June 2003
I specifically remember buying this album and being like “WTF?!” It was so different from their first album and at first I remember being disappointed but then realizing this was some of the greatest music I had heard. This was released right after high school for me so it was kind of like out with the old, in with the new, as in me being able to transcend into different types of music.

Dashboard Confessional “The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most” 2001 and “Swiss Army Romance” 2003
The reason these two albums are together is because I had both of these on a burnt cd and have never distinguished between the two. All I know is that Kathryn and I were in love with this burnt cd of Dashboard. We would drive around and sing these lyrics at the top of our lungs. I give Don the credit of introducing me to them.

Emery “The Weak’s End” Jan. 2004
Emery is awesome. I saw them live a few times and they have the best live show. Every album they put out, except “I’m Only A Man”, could have been on this list. I found them one day on when I was bored and looked at “suggestions for you”.

Envy On The Coast “Lucy Gray” Aug. 2007
This is on here for the songs “the gift of paralysis” and “tell them that she’s not scared”. Those two songs are probably two of my favorite songs of all time. This album reminds me of living in bloomington.

Fall Out Boy “Infinity On High” Feb. 2007
This is on here because this was like the album that said “okay fine…i can’t do it anymore..i have to admit, i like fall out boy.” My sister was always talking about FOB and I think this was their best album. It’s contagious.

The Format “Interventions and Lullabies” Oct. 2003
Released soon after high school graduation…this album was amazing. Memories from this include the “sing along” at one of khris’s parties. The Format is probably in my top 5 bands of the decade, but there won’t be a list for that.

Further Seems Forever “How To Start A Fire” Feb. 2004
I remember driving in the snow to Best Buy with Kathryn to pick up this cd. And although I don’t think I ever convinced kat that this band was good, I loved everything about this album. Jason Gleason’s voice is amazing.

The Honorary Title “Anything Else But The Truth” 2004
Don introduced me to this band. It took me awhile to like them but I’m sad they are no longer a band.

Justin Timberlake “Future Sex/Love Sounds” 2006
This is on here because of the song “Sexy Back”. I remember many nights dancing and singing to this song. Mary and I would drive around blasting it.

Linkin Park “Hybrid Theory” Oct. 2000
I listened this album over and over and over. And passed it on to my sister. It was a perfect mixture of rock and rap.

Mae “Destination” Beautiful” Feb 2003
I love the singer’s voice and really all of their music is just pretty. I even got Mary into them.

Mariah Carey “Charmbracelet” Dec 2002
I remember driving around with kat numerous times listening to this album. This was also the album she went on tour for that we went to the concert. So this album, besides being good, has many memories.

Mariah Carey “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel” Sept. 2009
I think this is maybe possibly one of Mariah’s best works since Butterfly. There’s more singing, no rappers featured.

New Found Glory “New Found Glory” Sept. 2000
This album is all high school for me.

Northstar “Pollyanna” April 2004
Great music and well written lyrics. I remember driving to Parkland listening to this many times.

Paramore “All We Know Is Falling” July 2005
A good band with a female singer. This album always reminds me of the midwest and I don’t know why…haha.

Saves The Day “Stay What You Are” July 2001
The last good album by Saves The Day. Kat and I loved “At Your Funeral”

Showbread “No Sir, Nihilism Is Not Practical” Oct 2004
I remember listening to “Mouth Like A Magazine” at cornerstone with Kat. This was just an entertaining album.

So Long Forgotten “Things We Can See and Things We Cannot” 2009
Some of the best music I’ve heard in awhile. Not to mention they are an awesome group of guys! I miss going to their shows.

Spitalfield “Remember Right Now” June 2003
I just picked this album up by chance because it had a sticker on it that said “if you like Taking Back Sunday…” I’m so glad I got this and it makes the list because it’s probably this best cd I bought just on whim. Too bad they broke up.

Papa Roach “Infest” 2000
This was probably this first rock album I bought. I remember buying it right before my family and kat’s family went on a little trip and we listened to it nonstop. and we were SO COOL.

Straylight Run “Straylight Run” Oct. 2004
The only good album by Straylight Run….but one of my favorites!

Thrice “The Artist In The Ambulance” July 2003
I listened to this nonstop so it had to make the list.

Thursday “Full Collapse” April 2001
I discovered Thursday around the time of Further Seems Forever. This album has always held a special place in my heart. It has so much emotion.

Underoath “They’re Only Chasing Safety” June 2004
How many times did Kat and I scream these songs at the top of our lungs in our cars? Too many to count. Even though this album was not really considered hardcore it definitely was an influence for me getting into hardcore music. And who can forget kat’s famous lip syncing video of “It’s Dangerous Business Walking Out Your Front Door”?

The Used “The Used” June 2002
I heard “A Box Full Of Sharp Objects” on a warped tour cd sampler and fell in love with the used. This album also holds many memories of driving around in the town of paxton.

Usher “Confessions” Oct 2004
I loved the song “Yeah”.

Taking Back Sunday “Tell All Your Friends” March 2002
This is probably number 1 or 2 on my favorite albums of ALL TIME. The lyrics were amazing. Songs like “There’s No “I” In Team”, “Cute Without The “E””, and “You’re So Last Summer”…really I could just list all the songs from the album. I don’t think there is any other album that had more of an impact on me.

Best Music in 2009

These are the albums I listened to most in 2009…

10. Thrice-“Beggars”
After not listening to this band for a long time and seeing them in concert by chance, I had to listen to their new album, and it’s great.

9. Mariah Carey “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel”
Why? More singing! No rappers! Sometimes it sounds like I hear the Mariah I grew up listening to, especially on the last track which is a cover of ” I Want To Know What Love Is”

8. Cartel-“Cycles”
From the minute I heard this album I loved it. It’s fun.

7. Fun-“Aim and Ignite”
I love everything Nate Ruess does.

6. Brendan Benson-“My Old Familiar Friend”

5. So Long Forgotten-“Things We Can See And Things We Cannot”
Awesome album from an awesome band that deserves so much credit.

4. Brand New-“Daisy”
Love Brand New…this album was a little difficult to listen to…just different. But it grew on me.

3. As Cities Burn-“Hell or High Water”
Great album. Great lyrics.

2. Taking Back Sunday-“New Again”
Reminds me of the old TBS but rocks harder.

1. Emery “…In Shallow Seas We Sail”
It’s hard to pick a favorite but Emery’s album this year was probably it. It was great to hear this band sound like they should sound.

Honorable Mention:
Paramore-“Brand New Eyes”
Nightmare Of You-“Infomaniac”
Dashboard Confessional-“Alter The Ending”
Manchester Orchestra-“Mean Everything To Nothing”