The Walking Dead.

Every Sunday Don and I watch The Walking Dead. For the past several Sundays I have felt the same way when the show ends: unsatisfied. Nothing ever happens! Tonight’s episode in particular proved this.

I loved the first season and couldn’t wait for the second to start. But once they got stuck at this freaken farm the show took a turn for the boring. Every episode it was the same thing. The first half of the season was spent looking for the missing girl, only to find she was a locked up zombie in the barn. It sucked they killed her but I thought “yay, now we can move on with the plot! Let’s get off this farm!”

No….the next episodes were spent with everyone in a depression and trying to figure out if they would have to leave the farm. Now after getting into a fight in the town and bringing home an injured teen, we have to get rid of this teen. First of all…why we have to get rid of him is a joke. We nursed this kid back to health and now were going to just set him off to die on his own. When they could just keep the kid and move on from this freaken farm.

So the whole last episode was focused on Rick and Shane fighting over Lori and trying to ditch this kid. By the end of the episode we still have the kid….and is the fight over between Rick and Shane…probably not. Can’t wait for next week for part 2 of the episode where Rick and Shane will attempt to get rid of the kid again and try not to get themselves killed in the process. Then they will return to the farm with no plan. If this show was real, all of these people would be dead.

And yet I keep watching every week. Maybe there’s still hope.

Does coffee always smell better than it tastes?

So I’ve never been a coffee drinker.  Neither me nor Don has really ever been a coffee drinker.  The rest of my family-coffee drinkers. So every time my parents came up here my mom would always be like “you guys need a coffee maker”.  To me a coffee maker just seemed like a useless appliance for us that would just take up space.  For the pleasure of my mom we put “coffee maker” on our wedding registry.  Luckily, Don’s work got it for us.

Before I talk about this coffee maker, let me just explain a few things. First, I’ve never used one.  Second, not too long ago I was the type of person who went to starbucks and got nervous because I had no idea what to order.  But probably within the last year or two I’ve found a few favorites there: Caramel Macchiato, Cafe Mocha, or my favorite Peppermint Mocha.  So when I think of having coffee I want a good flavored coffee, so really not coffee at all. In fact I’d rather just have a Dr. Pepper but since we’ve been eating better this has not been in my diet every day.  And neither has starbucks…it’s just a treat every once in awhile.

So back to this coffee maker. I was very unsure about just buying regular flavored coffee so I bought a bag of some french caramel flavored coffee.  I can’t remember the brand.  The first time I made the coffee, it was a bit confusing for me. I had some issues with the instructions pertaining to the coffee filter.  Since the coffee maker has it’s own filter but it’s still recommended to use paper ones, it was confusing to me where to put the actual coffee grounds.  I know this probably sounds stupid, but if you’ve never used a coffee maker and you read these instructions you would see what I mean.  Believe me, I even showed my parents the instructions when I explained to them my difficulties.  They also said “okay maybe if you’ve never in your life made coffee this sounds confusing”.  Maybe they were just trying to make me feel better.

So the first couple pots of coffee had a few coffee grains in it.  Big deal okay, I’m new to this.  Every time I was using the coffee pot though I just felt uneasy about it.  I don’t know why.  Up until recently, probably since I stopped relying on Dr Pepper, I decided to give this coffee thing a real shot.  Especially since I read that black coffee is not bad for you, calorie wise.  One morning before work I made 4 cups of coffee and accidentally ended up drinking pretty much all of it.  It just went down so easy in the morning.  And I was getting used to the taste (not to mention it makes the apartment smell super good).  After having so much coffee I felt so energized.  It was crazy!  It made me want to experiment more with this coffee maker.

Now I’m not having 4 cups of coffee every day before work, don’t worry.  In fact, I try not to have it all.  I just don’t want to have to rely on something to make me feel good.  So I only have it if I feel I really need it.  But that’s besides the point, today we went to the grocery store and I told Don we need to buy more coffee.  I wanted to try different kinds.  We ended up buying 4 different kinds.  Mainly because the starbucks brand had a sale of buying 3 and get them for $6. We bought: Cafe Bustelo (because Don’s mom always used to make it), Starbucks Vanilla, Starbucks Caramel, and Starbucks Espresso Roast.

When we got home I decided to have a coffee tasting night.  So far we have tried the Vanilla and the Caramel.  Both are good.  I don’t really know if I notice a difference between the two.  I don’t think we will try the other 2 tonight.  So the coffee maker has went from a useless appliance to somewhat more of a friend.  Right now I’m kind of enjoying this new outlook on coffee.  I still think though, it smells better than it tastes.

Carnival Drive – Dreams

So this is an odd one.

It’s several hours since I’ve been awake so the details of this dream are a bit sketchy.

I remember being at some sort of public amusement venue. It feels like an Aquarium. I’m with one of Andrea’s uncles (Brian) and his two friends. Brian is taking us home. He tells us to get in his car so we can go home. His car happens to be a Pontiac Grand Am. This is the car that Andrea owned in real life before we purchased the new car. I remember wanting to make the comment but I never do, that this car is way cleaner than how Andrea used to keep hers.

I seem to remember having a hard time getting out of the parking lot. A lot of back and forth until we get to the gates. The location is a bit weird. It feels like the country. I see a lot of open space by the road side. It reminds me of the countryside from Smallville as seen in the Superman films, not the TV show.

I’m in the passenger side front seat with Brian driving. His friends are in the back seat.

As we’re driving we keep running into blocked off roads. Apparently there was some crazy storm and there is massive flooding all around. I remember reaching a bridge that has been destroyed. We’re stopped at the edge of the drop off and its surrounded by water. There are cars behind us honking. And every few seconds you can see cars going full speed into the water. I remember seeing a jeep and a semi truck just plunge into the water. Its crystal clear and I can see the vehicles driving around completely submerged as if just below the service there is no water. Even though we can see the cars moving freely underwater we do not choose to follow them. Somehow we are able to hop across the bridge… or maybe we find another way around. I cant remember to well.

I think we try to follow the semi actually. As if we backed up off the bridge, and then veered off to the side of the bridge and went down and under it. We eventually come up to a bunch of cars that are trying to negotiate down a one way street. It feels like a parking lot. And somehow we end up in a Carnival. I see people walking around and there are rides and lights all around us. We are still in the car though. And it seems important for us to just keep going trying to get home. We aren’t driving through the carnival though. We are trying to drive over it. There is a wooden walkway or something that goes over a few of the carnival game buildings. As we are driving we notice that we are running out of space on the left and ride side. Somehow we are now driving over houses. Or sides of houses towards the backyards. We’re definitely on roof tops. And our goal is just to get off the rooftops and onto the street. Eventually we are on like a shed and we are just one more backyard away from the street but there is a chimney blocking out path. I finally get out of the car trying to figure out how we will get down off the roof top. Should we just hit the gas and hope the car will hold up against the fall? I notice the gates are locked. Cause I feel even if we get off the shed roof, how will we get out of the backyard? Then I think why didn’t we just drive through the carnival, surely there would have been a front gate we could have driven out of.

I just remembered there was also a part of the dream where I am back in my mom’s house in Queens. And I’m in the basement. Only this is before it was remodeled. And even before I lived in the basement cause I think it belongs to my brother. It is late, like passed midnight. And him and his friends are pulling into the driveway. I remember that it is his old friends that he is with. Theres a movie playing on the TV. I’m in his room but he isn’t upset. (Thinking now, this reminds me of the one time I was hanging out in my brothers room and I think I was playing Starcraft or Warcraft, and him and his friends go out to do something, and several hours later at like 3am they all come back and I haven’t moved an inch, I’m still playing the same video game. I remember Luis saying HOLY CRAP YOU’RE STILL PLAYING!”. That was real.) I don’t remember too much of this part of the dream. I kinda remember there being 3 rooms in the basement. And I’m alone and I want to go to sleep but the basement is unfinished. Just concrete. I open a door to this closet and there is a bed in there, but the walls. There is something wrong with the walls. They dont come all the way down. There is a foot of open space between the floor and the walls. And I’m scared to sleep on the bed cause bugs and rats can come out from the gap. There is another room that is connected to the closet and I look in there and there are more beds. And its dark and the floor is still this unfinished basement floor. And I’m still too afraid of rats or bugs to use these beds.

That’s all I remember.

It was weird.

$1,381.1 Million and some vegetarian named Tyriq – Dreams

So I just woke up and I have a very short memory of the dream I had.

There’s a part of the dream where I am talking with someone who I think I identify as Blizshouter. Even though I’ve never met him and I have no idea how he looks, for some reason I think its him. Blizshouter is a Starcraft 2 webcaster who does commentary on Starcraft 2 video games.

So I’m with Blizshouter and we are interviewing in person, George Lucas. I want to say its George Lucas but he kinda looks like Kevin Smith when I think back to him. Or it could have been Bill Gates. Actually now that I’m thinking back its possible that it wasn’t any of them because something makes me think that the celebrity was already dead. As we are talking to this celebrity we start discussing a poster we have of him. And I think its a charity poster for the Children’s Hospital of Chicago. And we get onto the subject of “hey why don’t you sign it? and we can sell it to raise money for the charity!”. And for some reason this person, didn’t understand why his signature would make a poster more valuable. I remember us saying “yeah normally this poster may not be worth anything, but with your signature on it we could probably sell it for $10,000!”. That’s why I kinda have this feeling like the celebrity is dead. Like someone who died before they achieved fame. Like an artist or something. But then again I kinda want to say it was Bill Gates because on the poster, there were these charity goals that the hospital was trying to meet. The very first level was written on the corner and as the celebrity is signing he is having an assistant or someone write out a check. And bam wouldn’t you know it, he writes out a check for $1,381,100. It was like, I don’t care if you are about to reach the first level or no where near the first level, but here, now you are at the first level.

Anyways, I don’t remember how I got from this part of the dream to the next part. Continue reading $1,381.1 Million and some vegetarian named Tyriq – Dreams

So far to date

So far the web video thing is going along ok. Slow pace. Hopefully though as more and more people get interested in helping out. The more fun it will become and the more frequent posting will occur.

I can’t wait to get the Cyberlink program. I feel like it can’t come any sooner.

Hopefully it will be exactly what I need right now to get the type of video edits that I’m looking for. Nothing fancy. Nothing HD crazy. Just good enough to get the editing I need.