Getting Rid of Cable-Part 3-Purchasing an HD antenna

Today (July 13th) we decided to get an HD antenna. I have done a little research on them but I have just been anxious to get one. So needless to say we probably could have gotten one for cheaper but we just went down the street to Best Buy to pick one up.

Best Buy had a few different types of HD antennas ranging from $15-$150. I knew that we should get an indoor antenna because we live in an apartment building and we didn’t have permission to put an outdoor antenna up. We decided to go with one in the medium priced range. We purchased the ClearStream™ Micron Indoor Long-Range DTV Antenna made by Antennas Direct. It has a 25 mile range. It was $70 at Best Buy. If we would have bought it online we could have saved some money, maybe $10.

Set up for this antenna was pretty easy. All we had to do was plug it into the cable in port on our TV and then run a channel scan. The TV found about 50 channels. Some don’t come in, but the important ones do. We get CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox, WGN, and PBS along with about 30 other channels that we probably won’t watch much. The channel that gave us the most problems was CBS. It was the hardest one for us to tune. Eventually we were able to get it to come in well. Now we have basic local channels for free in HD.

The cable cord is very short for this antenna so positioning it was tricky. We eventually hooked an longer cable cord to it so we could get the antenna to reach the window. We get the most channels with the antenna facing West out the window.


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