11 Year Anniversary Weekend

Today we celebrated our 11-year wedding anniversary. It was also the first time we had a night alone since Lucas was born! Lucas had a sleepover with my parents.

I was really worried about the sleepover, only because Lucas was up a lot last night saying his ears hurt. We had actually taken him to an urgent care last night because he said his ear hurt and he had a elevated temperature. The doctor said his ears looked fine though and he wasn’t running a fever.

After a little debate this morning we decided to head down to Paxton. We had the last pool day of the season at The Bennett’s pool. It was a lot of fun, a little bit chilly. Lucas seemed to be doing just fine and was not complaining of feeling unwell, so we decided to go ahead with our original plans to go out to dinner and stay the night in Champaign.

We chose to eat at a new steakhouse in Champaign called Hamilton Walker’s. We thought it was very good. I didn’t think the appetizers were very appealing, but we got the bacon wrapped dates. The best part was the bacon but after awhile the dates were too sweet for me. We both got old fashions and they were delicious. For dinner I got the strip steak and Don had the ribeye, both were very good. For sides we ordered mashed potatoes and green beans. The sides were ok. Overall, it was a very nice dinner and good to be out.

After dinner we were stuffed and ready to get some sleep! It was weird going to bed without Lucas but we were also ready for it. We knew Lucas was having fun with his grandparents. He went on a walk to the Swine ‘N’ Dine festival in Paxton.

Even though we were without Lucas we still woke up pretty early, around 7. Then we decided to get some breakfast at Le Peep. It was pretty good. Luckily, we got there early because they were really understaffed so half of the restaurant was closed and the wait time got really long. After breakfast we drove by Don’s old apartment on Hill Street. Then we headed back to Paxton.

Before heading back to Chicago, we walked with Lucas over to a park. It feels hotter today than it did yesterday! We also made a quick stop to visit my grandpa since he had hernia surgery yesterday. Lucas loves his old papa. It was a great anniversary weekend and we are so happy Lucas had a good night with his papa and gigi.

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