A Night in Fort Lauderdale

Lucas woke up at 6:30 to say, “time to get up, do you wanna go to the big ship or not?!”  So needless to say, he is excited. He got to experience hist first cab ride to O’hare. It went pretty well. Right when he got in the car, he asked the driver, “do you know the big ship?”. Of course the driver did not listen to him and had no interest in the big ship haha. So pretty typical first cab ride in Chicago. Later when the driver and Don were having a conversation Lucas looked at me and said, “what English is he speaking mommy?”

We got burrito beach for lunch at O’hare. Our flight to Fort Lauderdale was a bit delayed due to “spring break traffic” per the pilot. Lucas made friends in the airport. He introduced himself to a couple named Mark and Sue. He had a few other older people talking to him also.

Once we got on the flight Lucas slept for about an hour and then he watched things on his new tablet. We got to Fort Lauderdale around 5 and took another cab to our hotel. The cab actually had a Curb app so I linked it to my Curb app to pay for the ride. I don’t think this driver had ever experienced anyone doing this and it seemed like at first he thought I didn’t pay. We stayed at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. It was a pretty nice hotel and super close to the port.

Immediately when we got there Lucas wanted to swim. I wasn’t sure it would be warm enough, especially because it was getting dark, but the pool was heated and amazing. So we swam while Don picked up Chipotle for dinner because there wasn’t much in walking distance and we needed something quick. So after having Burrito Beach and Chipotle in the same day I can safely say that Chipotle is loads better.