Disney Castaway Cay

Today Lucas was up at 6:30. We watched the boat back into Castaway Cay from our balcony. Then we went to the breakfast buffet. After breakfast we were able to get off the ship a bit earlier than expected, so we left around  9:30. When we got off the ship we took a few photos because we bought the photo package and we have to make the most of it! 

Having the stroller to hold our bags was key, I highly recommend it. We arrived at Scuttles Cove and found a spot in the first row of seats. We saved enough seats for Amy, Kelly. and Dean. The first thing we did was go snorkel. We all went out. Lucas got nervous and didn’t go out far but he did see a few fish and he did so much better than last time. Don went out to see how far out you had to go to see stuff and it was pretty far. You had to go out past the lifeguard stands in the water, but he saw some fish. Then I went out. I saw lots of fish, a starfish, and 2 sting rays. It was pretty cool and felt great to be snorkeling again. That is something we haven’t done since having Lucas. Disney had dropped statues and things to look at under the water. It was really cool and all the structures attracted sea life and fish. I swam really far out. When I got back Lucas was playing in the sand and he was covered.  

Finally close to 11 our friends arrived, they are definitely not early risers. Lucas and Dean played for a bit then we asked if they wanted to go to the kids club. They were a bit hesitant but they did end up going for a little over an hour.  We talked and  had some beers then Amy and Don did some snorkeling. Kelly and I went and got food and brought it back to our beach spot. Then we picked up the boys.  

After lunch the boys got in the water and played in the sand. We stayed until about 3:45. I was worried Lucas was getting sunburnt and he wouldn’t let me put sunscreen on him. The boys had a blast and it was fun having another couple with us. When we got back we immediately showered. We set off the smoke alarm in our room because of the steam from our shower. We tried to pack some and we put our wet clothes in the dryer. Our room is really close to the laundry room so that is convenient. The cruise app lets you know when your clothes are done.  

Then we went to buy Lucas a spiderman that he wanted. Then it was time for dinner. Dinner was at Royal Palace. It was ok. We got escargot, salads, and the filet. Lucas got cheese pizza, which he did not like very much. It was very small and didn’t look good. He asked if he could have some mac and cheese also. Of course he could because this is a cruise and you can eat whatever! 

After dinner we saw Belle and took some pictures. Then we met up with our new friends and took some group pictures. Then the boys played on the deck outside. Lucas was a good guy and Dean was a bad guy and they were battling. It was pretty funny. We had to say our goodbyes, which was kind of sad. Then we went to the show Believe. Lucas fell asleep about 15 minutes in. The show was pretty good but I was very tired also. Lucas slept the whole show and Don carried him back to the room. I think this is the first time that has ever happened. He usually wakes up when we start to carry him. He is definitely exhausted and so are we. We missed our chance for our luggage to be checked for departure tomorrow because we had no time to pack, so we will be lugging our luggage around on our own.