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Others misfortune.

Last Friday on the way home there was a big storm. It was 5pm and the sky was black. I went to take the bus home from work. At the bus stop nearly everyone was standing far away from the curb. Either huddled under the bus stop weather box or way back by whatever doorway they could find. Me though, I decide screw the torrential downpour and take out my umbrella that a coworker lent me. So I go stand by curb with rain coming down hard. I think like one other person is doing the same as me. You have to understand, on a normal day there are a ton of people all getting in each others way trying to stand at this bus stop. On that day they were all scared if the rain.

So the point? So while I’m standing listening to my ipod standing in the rain my eyes are just randomly wondering around. Finally when I look down at the street at the river of rain water, the piles of leaves and garbage all soaked I see a peculiar wire warped up in leaves and maybe hair. At least it felt like hair. The wire looked familiar. Black and white cord all balled up with soaked trash and leaves.

So I pick it up. I remove the leaves and trash and find. (rpg reward sound with narrator) – YOU FIND A PAIR OF BO$E EARPHONES. I look around and see no one looking for them. Who knows how long they sat there covered in trash. The one person who noticed me pick it up had a disapproving look of garbage picker on his face.

So these are soaked. Really soaked. Through and through. The earbuds have mud and dirt in them. So I stuff it into my pocket. I decided if they are going to work I need to get them completely dry before I test it out.

Over the weekend I left them in a napkin by the window. Some sun and a napkin to absorb moisture. I’m telling you all this cause I just tested them and it turns out I now own a pair of full functioning bo$e earphones.

Market price about $99

Don’s price? 0

Funny thing is a few weeks ago I was thinking about it and I said to myself the only way I’d ever own a pair of bo$e headphones is if I found them or someone gave them to me as a gift.

There’s my bit of story. Ttyl8r