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Day at Sea

We woke up around 6:15. Lucas was able to play with his avengers and we hung out on the balcony. We decided to try breakfast at Royal Palace. I liked the relaxation of sitting down and ordering as opposed to the craziness of the buffet. I had Eggs Benedict and they were so good. Don had an omelet and Lucas had chocolate chip pancakes. Then we worked on a detective picture and then we went up to deck 13 and played Goofy’s golf. It was fun and really nice because it wasn’t crowded at all. 

After that we got in line for Dr Strange but Lucas got scared when he saw him and didn’t want to take a picture with him. So I took a picture of him and we walked around more. We all got together and took pictures with Minnie Mouse. We wanted to get pictures as a family because we all wore our Ninja Turtles shirts today. After pictures we went back to play golf before lunch. Lucas had a breakdown about golf  being too hard and it was bad. It took awhile for him to turn it around. 

We had lunch at the cabanas buffet. Then we got in line for Captain America Sam Wilson. Lucas kept going in the store to look at things. Then some kid pressed the fire door button and the fire door kept closing. It was pretty annoying and the parents did nothing! Sam Wilson was awesome Lucas probably talked to him the most out of any character. On the way back to the room we went to the character dance party. We danced with Mickey, Minnie, Donald, Daisy, Pluto and Goofy. Then we came back to our room for a rest. 

After nap we met up with Dean and his mom’s at oceaneer club. Lucas said he wanted to go in there with Dean but when the time came he got scared and didn’t want to go in. He even told Dean “we have to protect each other” finally after some talk from Don and a worker asking him if he wanted to meet Crush from Finding Nemo he went in. They stayed for 2 hours! We went for drinks with Amy and Kelly in the adult lounge on the top deck. Somehow we got talked into buying a cooler with 6 Peronis. Then Kelly was jealous so they got 6 blue moons and a cooler. This will be great for beach day tomorrow. 

We went to pick the boys up around 5. They had fun. Lucas said he did avenger training with Sam Wilson and Black Widow. He met Minnie. They did science experiments. It was so cool hearing him talk about his own experience he had in the kids club. 

We went to dinner again at Enchanted Garden. Lucas had mac and cheese. I had tomato soup and tuna ahi.  Don had asparagus soup and a lobster ravioli that neither of us liked. For dinner Don tried the scallops and lamb. I had a sirloin steak. I think so far this has been my favorite dinner. We didn’t get any dessert tonight because we were all stuffed. Our servers were Wayan and Tricia on this cruise and they were excellent. Wayan always joked with Lucas that he wanted one of his avenger toys. After dinner we ran into Amy, Kelly and Dean. We decided it would be an awesome idea to rent a stroller for beach day tomorrow. So we did! After that we walked around and did some more of the detective pictures. Then we saw the show Beauty and the Beast. It was very good but Lucas was scared sometimes. He also was falling asleep and waking up. After the show Lucas went right to bed.