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Going Home


We had to wake up early today because our breakfast for departure was at 6:45 in Royal Palace. We were so busy yesterday we didn’t have time to pack so we have to carry all our luggage through the ship. Lucas was exhausted and we had to wake him up. If we were not leaving today we probably could have all slept in!  

I enjoyed watching the ship get into the port at Fort Lauderdale. There was another cruise ship behind us coming in also. The sunrise was beautiful. I will say our cabin smelled like gas fumes a lot while we were getting into port. I wonder if that is because we are at the back of the ship? 

After breakfast we finished the puppy detective thing. Then we really didn’t know what to do and didn’t know how long it would take to get off the ship so we got in line to leave. 

Disembarking the ship took no time. We got a cab to the airport and we were so early we couldn’t check our bags yet! A man told us we could take our bags outside to the American Airlines desk and get them checked there so we did that. Lucas was good in the airport, despite the long wait. It’s really hard to tell what is better, flying out the day your cruise gets back to port or staying another night. Last time we stayed an extra night. I think if we do it this way again we would plan better to not have so much time at the airport. We had lunch in the airport and then we took off for home. Lucas slept the entire 3 hour flight! Our cab ride home was crazy long because it was a Friday around 5 pm and it was raining….It is also nice to have your own car from the airport but Lucas did great and we did save money by taking a cab. We can’t wait to go on our next adventure! 

Heading to the Disney Dream!

We woke up at 7 am. Lucas and I went out to the hotel balcony just to hangout and all of the sudden Lucas yelled “a big ship!!”. I didn’t even notice at first but right across from our balcony we can see Port Everglades and we could see a few cruise ships. We went to the breakfast buffet at the hotel. It was pretty good. Lucas ate so much! He had so many sausages and grapes. It was nuts. Then we walked around outside for a bit. We got lucky to see a drawbridge going up for a ship to fit into the harbor. It was only 9:30 so we decided to go in the pool. Just Lucas and I went to the pool because Don was packing some stuff for the cruise. Lucas did such a good job swimming! We got out of the pool around 11 so we could get ready for the big ship! Our hotel had a shuttle bus to the port at 11:45. We were not supposed to get on the ship until 1 but when we arrived, they said it was open boarding so we just got in line. Once in line a lady told us to go line for people who have been on Disney before. The line to get checked in and go through security was pretty quick. I think we were on the ship around 12:30 but our room was not going to be ready until 1:30. I think the check in here at Port Everglades was way more efficient than in Port Canaveral. We went to the Oceaneers Club to hang out until 1:30. This is the kids club, where usually only kids can go but during this time it was an open house. By about 1:15 Lucas was getting really grouchy, thankfully our room was ready by 1:30 and we had our swimsuits in our carry ons so we decided to check out the pools. The pools were pretty crowded, but Lucas had fun. We got ice cream and pizza. Then we headed back to the room. From our balcony we watched a Carnival cruise ship leave. Then we went to the mandatory safety drill. It was weird, I have only been on 2 cruises previously and our meeting spot for the safety drill had always been outside on deck, but this time we were packed in a theater type room. After the safety drill we watched a bit of the sail away party. We were sure to make it to our balcony to watch the ship start to move. Since we had time before dinner, we got our magnets out and decorated our door.  We had dinner at Animators Palate. Our servers for the week are Wayan and Tricia. Lucas had mac and cheese, veggies and fries. Don had salmon tartare, which Lucas tried. He also had a salad and beef tenderloin. I had a ham and cheese appetizer and chicken for my main dish. For dessert Lucas got a Mickey Ice Cream bar. Don had a sundae and I had cheesecake. Overall, I was not super impressed with the food. There was an interactive Finding Nemo show on the all the TVs. We also decided to get the wine package which gives us 3 bottles to use all week for around $100. This may seem expensive but last time having individual glasses/drinks we exceeded this in 3 days. After dinner we walked around the ship. When we came back to the room it was all nice and made up and there was a Marvel sticker on the window. Lucas tried to go to a dance party in the Oceaneers Club by himself, but he came out crying within 5 minutes. So then we decided to start the Detective thing on this ship. You start by going to one of the kiosks and picking out a detective badge and picking out a story line. There are number of interactive pictures throughout the ship that respond to the QR code on your badge. You go to each picture picking up clues to figure out which Disney villain committed a crime. Our first crime was the case of the missing paintings. At 8:30 we went to the Golden Mickey Show. This was a live show basically set up like an award show that went through popular Disney movies. It was pretty good. We had to cover Lucas’s eyes and ears when Ursula came out. He liked the part with Beauty and the Beast. It was cool, a firework went off and before your eyes the beast changed into a person. He also got to see the Hunchback from Notre Dame for the first time and at first he was scared but then we tried to explain why he looked that way and now he just keeps asking, “how did the man hurt his back?” After the show Lucas was so tired. He took a quick shower then as he was trying to get out of the bathroom he ended up falling out of the bathroom because there is a step to get into the bathroom. Then Don was taking something out of his bag and didn’t know Lucas was right there and something hit him right in the face! We went to bed around 10. Lucas was instantly asleep; he had no nap today. We must rest up because tomorrow is going to be a big day—Marvel Day at Sea.

A Night in Fort Lauderdale

Lucas woke up at 6:30 to say, “time to get up, do you wanna go to the big ship or not?!”  So needless to say, he is excited. He got to experience hist first cab ride to O’hare. It went pretty well. Right when he got in the car, he asked the driver, “do you know the big ship?”. Of course the driver did not listen to him and had no interest in the big ship haha. So pretty typical first cab ride in Chicago. Later when the driver and Don were having a conversation Lucas looked at me and said, “what English is he speaking mommy?”

We got burrito beach for lunch at O’hare. Our flight to Fort Lauderdale was a bit delayed due to “spring break traffic” per the pilot. Lucas made friends in the airport. He introduced himself to a couple named Mark and Sue. He had a few other older people talking to him also.

Once we got on the flight Lucas slept for about an hour and then he watched things on his new tablet. We got to Fort Lauderdale around 5 and took another cab to our hotel. The cab actually had a Curb app so I linked it to my Curb app to pay for the ride. I don’t think this driver had ever experienced anyone doing this and it seemed like at first he thought I didn’t pay. We stayed at Hilton Fort Lauderdale Marina. It was a pretty nice hotel and super close to the port.

Immediately when we got there Lucas wanted to swim. I wasn’t sure it would be warm enough, especially because it was getting dark, but the pool was heated and amazing. So we swam while Don picked up Chipotle for dinner because there wasn’t much in walking distance and we needed something quick. So after having Burrito Beach and Chipotle in the same day I can safely say that Chipotle is loads better.