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Marvel Day at Sea

We woke up around 6:30 and we had breakfast at the buffet. It was ok, but no egg benedicts! Immediately after breakfast we  went to get in line for Ms. Marvel. A woman in line said the Black Panther line was short so Lucas and I went to check it out while Don held the spot for Ms. Marvel. The line for Black Panther was so long, but once Lucas saw him he didn’t want to get out of line. When he finally got up to meet Black Panther he was a bit scared of him. But we did it, our first hero! 

Afterwards we went back to see Ms. Marvel. Don had held our spot and even had to let other families go ahead of him. After meeting her we went back to the room and got his Spidey costume on. Don went and got in line for our Heroes Headquarters experience.  

Meeting Spiderman and Ironman at the Heroes Headquarters was pretty cool. It didn’t seem as magical as the first time Lucas met Spidey on the Disney Wish but he loved it. Ironman was super cool looking. After Hero Headquarters we went to a store Lucas had saw during his time in line for Black Panther. He had already picked out what he wanted while in line haha. After looking around a bit in the store Lucas decided that the box of 8 superheroes was really what he wanted. I got a Disney Wish Christmas ornament and Don got a shirt.  

Next we went to get in line for Captain America. The line had not started yet but I knew it was going to be super long so we waited around and eventually we were 3rd in line. We met some cool people in line, Dean (4 years old) and his moms Amy and Kelly. Lucas offered to let Dean play with some of his heroes and Dean showed him the dinosaurs he had. We instantly connected and decided to trade app contact info so we could possibly meet up later.  

After Captain America we went to lunch on the top deck. Lucas had pizza and Don and I had sandwiches and salads. Afterwards we went back to the room to nap. We really had to get a nap in today because the big Heroes Unite show isn’t until 10:15 pm!! 

Lucas still keeps asking about the man that hurt his back, because last night in the golden mickey show the hunchback of Notre Dame did a song. We stayed in our room until about 4:15. We got Lucas dressed back into his Spiderman costume and decided to check out a costume party. It was more like a costume contest that already had the winners decided. The winners would get up on stage. I thought it was going to be more of maybe a costume dance party. So we didn’t stay for the whole thing we decided to work on the mystery portrait thing.  

At 5:30 we went up to the top deck so Lucas could check out an Avengers Training session. Lucas went up on the stage by himself (along with other kids) to participate in the training. The kids on his side got a shield and Captain America Sam Wilson was there to teach the kids how to use their shield. At first I thought Lucas was really enjoying it but then a bad guy came up on the screen and he looked like he was starting to cry so I set up next to the stage and told him to come close to me. He continued to participate but the bad guy scared him so he came down. If he would have stayed for just 2 more minutes he would have thrown his shield and helped defeat the bad guy. But it was ok, we were proud he went up there.  

Next we went to the elevators to go to dinner at Animator’s Palate. On our way there we saw the avengers that just helped in the training. Lucas got to fist bump Sam Wilson! 

At dinner Lucas got spaghetti with meatballs. I got penne pasta and Don got pork. I liked this dinner better than last night’s. We tried 3 desserts. After dinner we went to the top deck to see the Mickey Hero Show. It was pretty cool. We were able to meet up with Amy, Kelly, and Dean. Dean and Lucas were running around like crazy. Then they went to dinner and we went to work on our picture mystery. 

On the way to looking for pictures we found a ton of superheroes in the atrium! Lucas got to see Ms. Marvel, Captain Marvel, and Spiderman. We saw the Guardians of the Galaxy. They were a few floors above us waving down. Lucas was not a fan of Groot. I explained to him that he’s a good guy and he’s a tree. On the floor above us there was Thor and his brother Loki. I have no idea how Lucas knows Loki is bad but he was scared. We decided to go work on our mystery photos and while we were doing one Thor and Loki came walking by to go into the theater. Lucas got so scared and hid behind me.  

We actually were able to finish this photo mystery! Dr. Facilier, (villain from Princess and the Frog) was the one who stole the pictures in our story. One thing we discovered though was even though people were working on the same story line Disney made all the results randomized so if you saw someone doing your story there wouldn’t be any spoilers! 

Then around 9 we went back up to the top deck to get a spot for the big Heroes Unite show. We sat for about 1.5 hours. Lucas did so well; we talked, people watched, and sometimes watched things on the big screen while we waited. We were hoping to take up room to hold a spot for Dean and his moms. Luckily they got there right in time as things were getting crowded. Seeing Lucas and Dean together was so funny. They just love each other! The show was really awesome. Characters would come from the very top of the ship and zipline down. It really looked like Spiderman was swinging from webs. There were even fireworks. It was definitely by far my favorite show I’ve seen so far. We got back to the room super late and didn’t get to bed until 11.