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lake harmony beach day

Lucas was up at 6:40 but we got him to stay in his bed until about 8. When we got up Lucas asked Khris to make eggs. Then he wanted more eggs! 

We hung around the house for a couple hours then we got ready for the beach. The beach is a private beach for Lake Harmony Estate. It was pretty nice. The kids enjoyed it. It was a bit cold but we got used to it. Lucas swam a lot then he played in the sand. 

Then he saw khris going swimming so he went over and got to fish for the first time. We caught nothing.  

We stayed at the beach until about 1:45. Then we came home and made some lunch. Lucas got a nap in. 

While he was napping I played bags/cornhole with Khris, Steve, and Jess. When Lucas woke up he watched Super Mario Brothers. 

I knew Lucas wanted to try the hot tub so we got our swimming suits on and did that. He loved it. Then Emily, Lily, Matt, Madelyn, and Natalie joined us. Lucas did not want to be out and pretty much had to be bribed with chocolate. 

Then people started playing games. I was working on cleaning some sweet corn so Khris could cook it. Lucas helped me for a bit. Don tried to play dnd but Lucas was throwing a fit that he needed him. It was already 7 pm so I made Lucas some dinner. Then the 3 of us got in the hot tub again. Lucas mentioned if I could save him a piece of corn for tomorrow. 

I got him to take a bath and told him to go say goodnight. The corn was almost done so I told Lucas be could have some. He had one and a half. He loves it! Then he was running around and basically didn’t fall asleep until 10 pm again. 

After Lucas was asleep we played the boomer meme game. Judy also gave Don a gift of 2 bottles of wine that both had 42 in their name and a towel which is from the book Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.