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Pandemic Legacy March Review

The March game was a little scary at first because we learned we would have to complete two objectives. In addition to the mandatory objective of curing the three diseases we would also have to either eradicate one disease or build military bases in each of the six major regions of the world. We got a new character in this game, the operations expert. We also got a new set of available scars for players, which fortunately we haven’t had to use yet.

We didn’t think the instructions really explained military bases much. Only players with dog tags on their character card were allowed to jump from military base to military base. It also never told us how to make a military base, but the new character was able to make them so it only made sense to play the operations expert.  Don was excited to have the operations expert because he likes to play him. He can also make research stations easier. We opened a box that gave us little green houses to symbolize the military bases.

Don played the operations expert, Ian was the quarantine specialist, Cassie was the dispatcher, and I was the scientist again. This was probably the hardest game so far; cities were out breaking like crazy and the outbreak marker got down pretty far.  We won though and at the end we got to choose upgrades. Since we eradicated one disease we upgraded that one. While we were choosing the upgrades we noticed we did the upgrade on the disease wrong during the first game. In the instructions it says to make sure to upgrade the diseases in the correct order, but on the sticker sheet it just tells you that these are the upgrades for the eradicated diseases.  The first time we upgraded an eradicated disease we only read from the sticker sheet. So like anyone, we questioned that the upgrades were numbered level 1-4, but we still decided to choose a level 3 or 4 upgrade. We should have chose a level 1. So this time we went by the rules in the book and chose a level 1 upgrade. We keep misreading things! Can’t wait for April.