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One Year Anniversary

Last week on September 17th we celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We had been thinking for awhile about what we should do to celebrate. About a week before I showed Don some restaurant ideas I had came up with. He then told me he had already made reservations somewhere and it was a surprise.

I got out of work a bit early on our anniversary. I was supposed to work until 730 but I left around 7. We both got a little dressed up. It was a nasty rainy day and our reservations were not until 8. We walked around a little bit and then Don decided we would go to the place and see if we could get in early.

We went to the Signature Room inside the Hancock Building on the 95th floor. I was surprised! I didn’t know where we going. When we got up there Don asked for a table by the window but they told us it would be about a 20 minute wait. That was okay because we went to the bar. We both got martinis. It was starting to clear up outside and you could see the city more.

About 20 minutes later our table was ready. There was a rose sitting on my plate and a little card that said Happy Anniversary. There was also champagne, which was really good.
We both ordered a soup. Don had lobster bisque and I had some kind of carrot soup. It was pretty good. For our main meal I had the NY Strip Steak with mashed potatoes and Don had a seafood dish. The steak was very good. All of the food was very good. After the meal we were just sitting there talking and taking pictures. We got on the subject of the best desserts we have had and of course the peanut brittle ice cream pie from Belize came up. We kept talking about it and then all of the sudden the waiter brought out this chocolate pie with peanut brittle and ice cream in the middle. I couldn’t believe it! Don said he asked them to make it. It was huge! After we took some pictures of it the waiter took it back and brought us each a slice while he boxed up the rest. The pie was okay, nothing compared to Belize. But it was just so funny that he did that. Only my husband would do something like that hahaha. We then brought all of our boxes home.



I feel so lucky to be with my husband. He makes every occasion so special.