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Best Music in 2009

These are the albums I listened to most in 2009…

10. Thrice-“Beggars”
After not listening to this band for a long time and seeing them in concert by chance, I had to listen to their new album, and it’s great.

9. Mariah Carey “Memoirs Of An Imperfect Angel”
Why? More singing! No rappers! Sometimes it sounds like I hear the Mariah I grew up listening to, especially on the last track which is a cover of ” I Want To Know What Love Is”

8. Cartel-“Cycles”
From the minute I heard this album I loved it. It’s fun.

7. Fun-“Aim and Ignite”
I love everything Nate Ruess does.

6. Brendan Benson-“My Old Familiar Friend”

5. So Long Forgotten-“Things We Can See And Things We Cannot”
Awesome album from an awesome band that deserves so much credit.

4. Brand New-“Daisy”
Love Brand New…this album was a little difficult to listen to…just different. But it grew on me.

3. As Cities Burn-“Hell or High Water”
Great album. Great lyrics.

2. Taking Back Sunday-“New Again”
Reminds me of the old TBS but rocks harder.

1. Emery “…In Shallow Seas We Sail”
It’s hard to pick a favorite but Emery’s album this year was probably it. It was great to hear this band sound like they should sound.

Honorable Mention:
Paramore-“Brand New Eyes”
Nightmare Of You-“Infomaniac”
Dashboard Confessional-“Alter The Ending”
Manchester Orchestra-“Mean Everything To Nothing”