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$1,381.1 Million and some vegetarian named Tyriq – Dreams

So I just woke up and I have a very short memory of the dream I had.

There’s a part of the dream where I am talking with someone who I think I identify as Blizshouter. Even though I’ve never met him and I have no idea how he looks, for some reason I think its him. Blizshouter is a Starcraft 2 webcaster who does commentary on Starcraft 2 video games.

So I’m with Blizshouter and we are interviewing in person, George Lucas. I want to say its George Lucas but he kinda looks like Kevin Smith when I think back to him. Or it could have been Bill Gates. Actually now that I’m thinking back its possible that it wasn’t any of them because something makes me think that the celebrity was already dead. As we are talking to this celebrity we start discussing a poster we have of him. And I think its a charity poster for the Children’s Hospital of Chicago. And we get onto the subject of “hey why don’t you sign it? and we can sell it to raise money for the charity!”. And for some reason this person, didn’t understand why his signature would make a poster more valuable. I remember us saying “yeah normally this poster may not be worth anything, but with your signature on it we could probably sell it for $10,000!”. That’s why I kinda have this feeling like the celebrity is dead. Like someone who died before they achieved fame. Like an artist or something. But then again I kinda want to say it was Bill Gates because on the poster, there were these charity goals that the hospital was trying to meet. The very first level was written on the corner and as the celebrity is signing he is having an assistant or someone write out a check. And bam wouldn’t you know it, he writes out a check for $1,381,100. It was like, I don’t care if you are about to reach the first level or no where near the first level, but here, now you are at the first level.

Anyways, I don’t remember how I got from this part of the dream to the next part. Continue reading $1,381.1 Million and some vegetarian named Tyriq – Dreams