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Zombie Dream.

last night i had a dream we (don and i)  were running away from whatever city we lived in because it was overtaken by zombies.  we had left a few of our friends back at our apartment, locked in the basement because they had been bitten.  i think one of them was sheva from resident evil 5 hahaha.  even though people were turning into zombies they could still talk and we were looking for a cure.  we decided we need to go back to our apartment so we did and it was weird.  we were just living in this apartment with our zombie friends in the basement locked up.  the people that were left in the town were trying to resume to normal life, stores were reopening.  once in awhile a herd of zombies would come in and attack.  then our lock on our door broke.  i had to go to ace hardware to get a new lock.  we couldn’t figure out how to fix it and at one point zombies were trying to break in.  don was stabbing them with a knife and i had a pair of scissors…then i woke up..it was weird.