— Somtime in 2003 —

— Somtime in 2003 —

Everything under construction.
My Old site can be found by clicking this DANTES INFERNO

Tell me what you think of the Header “error42” pic, Message me or mail me dante@error42.net [E-mail]I haven’t had a website in such a long time. Ever since I lost my last IP i kinda forgot about the site because I couldn’t find any webspace to host my pics. Or at least i was too lazy to look for a place. I’m not too sure how this site is going to eventually work out. For now though im just going to turn it into a blog about the pictures i take and stuff like that. No big FLASHy things, Just maybe a few personal rants here and there and some graphic work I’ll doddle with on the free time. I suppose the main of this site are going to be the DIGI-WORK and the ALBUM pages. So check them out when i get them up and running.

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