New and improved?

— 1.29.04 —
New and improved? Probably not. But because of a friendly suggestion, this site is going to be a little bit more Blogerific. Ummm yeah so like what do i do? just talk about my day. Well I did stuff. Went to work. Hung out with my two pals Goat-T and Ishan. (The names have been chnaged to protect the identities of Ethan and Matt) Goat-T was like “wassup” and then Ishan started playing flash games online. Then some wrestling video, laughter, followed by some cool music on some classic rock net-radio station. But not in that exact order. Also had to take some flyers and posters to some resturants up by 28th and Lexington. Otherwise known as a small “little india”, this small span of about 5 blocks is nothing but South Asian resturants, one aptly named “Curry in a Hurry”. Kinda gave me a down day, damn store owners dont care for a asian looking kid (not of South Asia) coming into their stores trying to put up posters. So they quickly “shuush” you away. Even though the event im trying to promote is probably something their whole family would probably enjoy, I mean even Salman Rushdi came by on Wednesday to check it out…. its gotta be good? Eh I wouldnt know though, havent seen it myself. But anyways, bothered me. And you know that if i walked in there and spoke their language and looked somewhat like a distant cousin i probably would have been well recieved. Bah.

(Current On Winamp – INXS – The One Thing)Is anyone going to even want to read this stuff? I dont know. Lets see what happens if we add some sort of Forum to this site, like Ishan suggested..End.. O.o

[Photo]Most Recent Elphing Roof top view from MET Museum, New York City (Facing South) Stitch of 4 images. Full Image 1738 x 500 / 761 Kbs[Click Here]

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