[Mimi ? – 1/29/2004] My girlfriend’s kitty passed away this week, 🙁 I liked mimi she was fun and liked to sit in cardboard boxes.

Photo]”Shane’s Library” ~ No Questions! Library image was klimed from Artist ~eluoj, deviant since Feb 5, 2004Details: the library of a certain school Category: Indy Art > Anime Subject added care of Pshop

Its 7:56 Am. Nothing i can really think of saying, just i was inspired this morning to create this masterpiece that you see above, and i had to put it on this website before i went to work. haha Its Emperor Hole! doing the job he will be doing until he buys his own aligator farm, Librarian. Transitions are easy when you dont want to be around anymore. Thanks to all those who make that possible on a daily basis. Especially that drunk lady on the J train every night home. KOT

[Photo]Grandpa As Gothic Punk – Halloween of 2003 You can’t see it too well, but he has makeup, eyeliner, different colors of hair, and red lipstick on.

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