At work. backstage during show.

At work. backstage during show. Im handling the lights right now.oh for joy. Boss just told me that with my working experience i should be able to work for a casino. Hmmm sounds like a cool idea. Could be managing a certain part of a casino. Maybe the Buffet right?

Anyhoo. Its time to go into this “NYC Exodus” full steam. Going to start packing things up and see my mechanic about my car this week. I have declared my last day of work to be February 18th. Got 5 days off before then, so i got me some time to pack up. No jorb offers yet, but im still applying. Things should pick up once im in the town and can make appearances in suit.

NYC will be a sticker on my suitcase soon enough. Here’s to the rest of life, and all things to come. KOT

Sizzler with Grandpa

Just had sizzler with Grandpa. we ate alot of saus… Just had sizzler with Grandpa. we ate alot of sausage. And grits. Had some fruit punch. Grandpa wants to start up a website. An endevour so to speak. Perhaps just a new scheme. but this one seems like it will actually work. Who woulda thought it would take 22 years for Larry Appleton Weng to come up with something good. Well this Balki Bartokamus will follow him till something goes wrong. or the fad goes over.


I missed out on the ping pong last night, but thats okay, i got some much needed sleep instead.

Last night Ishan and i were working in the boxoffice, i was standing behind the boxoffice window, with a dollar on a string routine going, ishan instead of trying to play “take the dollar” swings the door open into my face. I have a bruise on my lip now. Im hemoraging!

Anyways im in Grandpas room and he is busy “Haunching up.” Which if you didnt know, means he is taking a large crap. Definition curtosy of Mike Fric. … KOT BL42.bmp