Good morning! and HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Just about to have some breakfast. Today is another organizing day. Going to go give mom a talk now though, about moving and driving and all that good stuff that makes her stomach turn. I guess she is all being a worry wart. Its just a simple drive. Plenty of people do it. They did it jeepers Creepers, Texas Chainsaw massacre, and in that wonderful movie House of a 1000 Corpses…. What bad could happen? Seriously I think she is worrying over nothing. But we all know that if I see a “worlds giant ball of string” (Sam & Max) or a “Spalding’s House of Freaks” I might just have to stop in.

Note to Grandpa Lucious: If I stop over in Des Moines, I’ll tell you if Sal was telling the truth.

Gonna go have some Spam now with my parent. KOT

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