Bird Flu?!

The Bird Flu! … Dagastinos gave me the bird flu! Or wait! … Maybe I just need to go take a dump… (15 minutes later)

False alarm, no bird flu here.

Happy Presidents Day! Organized more crap today, I have a shit load of pay stubs from all my past jobs. I don’t know if I need to keep them, but I guess I wont throw them away till I’m totally sure I don’t need them anymore. My filing cabinet crate thing, is packed. Bunch of stuff, like my high school diploma and all my medical bills from my surgery in 2001, are in it. kinda cool. Haven’t been this organized, in a long time. But I guess that’s because I usually just file my bills next to my monitor in the order that I receive them. And I guess because they are mixed with Chinese food menus and junk mail, I couldn’t really call it “filing”. But anyways, Tuesday and Wednesday are my last days of work! Then its on to something more. As a reader of this site should know, I’m going to be moving to Illinois soon. But what they might not know, is something my mother dropped on me a day or two ago. And that is she plans on moving to Nevada, some time. Las Vegas specifically. LAS VEGAS! I don’t know about that. I mean, my knowledge of Las Vegas may come from only movies and episodes of COPS, but from what I know, its full of drunks, losers, hookers, and pimps. Not to mention the occasional George Clooney and Matt Damon, pulling a heist. But I guess whatever right. Mother doesn’t like the idea of me driving to Illinois alone though.

Note: If anyone in new York is willing to take a drive with me to Illinois, (and then find your way back home) please drop me a line. I may be willing to pay for a percentage of your air fare.

Anyways, just saw on the news that Star Jones was proposed for marriage from her boyfriend. Never though she’d ever get married, Well time to go. Later

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