I had a dream last night

I had a dream last night. There was a city, and i … I had a dream last night. There was a city, and i was able to fly, or atleast jump and float for awhile. The city was about to be flooded by a huge tsunami. I was flying infront of it trying to get away. Eventually I got to a part where i guess the water went calm and there was just land and the edge of a city. Then suddenly Morpheus was there and so was a sentinal. Only Morpheus wasnt Lawrence Fishburn, it was Samuel L Jackson. I also tried to avoid the sentinal. Apparently, my body was kinda like the T1000 liquid steal body, and i could let part of my body come off of me. I ran away from it into this resturant/bowling alley. The waitress thought i was running from the cops, so she hid me under the counter. Eventually the sentinal became a Terminator (The Schwarzenegger type), who sat outside the bowling alley waiting for me. I tried to escape by going under the building. So i was trying to find my way through the foundation of the building which allowed for about 2 feet high crawling space. I think just as i was about to leave the area, i woke up. I wanted to see what happened next, but i guess i remembered i had to go to work, so i didnt bother trying to “re-dream”. Good-times

Another day, another blog

Another day, another blog. Today me and Ishan hand… Another day, another blog. Today me and Ishan handled a box office for a film festival. Out of a house of 600. we sold maybe 14 or so tickets. Was quite a busy day. We had to eat tacos, and i had cookies. Yes yes.. just a day in the life of me. And then, … i came home. and i wrote this. hmmm i need to shower.KOT


[Mimi ? – 1/29/2004] My girlfriend’s kitty passed away this week, 🙁 I liked mimi she was fun and liked to sit in cardboard boxes.

Photo]”Shane’s Library” ~ No Questions! Library image was klimed from Artist ~eluoj, deviant since Feb 5, 2004Details: the library of a certain school Category: Indy Art > Anime Subject added care of Pshop

Its 7:56 Am. Nothing i can really think of saying, just i was inspired this morning to create this masterpiece that you see above, and i had to put it on this website before i went to work. haha Its Emperor Hole! doing the job he will be doing until he buys his own aligator farm, Librarian. Transitions are easy when you dont want to be around anymore. Thanks to all those who make that possible on a daily basis. Especially that drunk lady on the J train every night home. KOT

[Photo]Grandpa As Gothic Punk – Halloween of 2003 You can’t see it too well, but he has makeup, eyeliner, different colors of hair, and red lipstick on.

There isn’t anything in this city for me

— 2.1.04 –(written on the J train) There isn’t anything in this city for me. Music scene? not since grandpa left reality. Friends? I don’t see much of anyone outside of work. I think being on my own will be good for me.It will force me to evaluate my place. Change though is my major reason. The subway, the streets, they all feel empty to me. If I had a job that I loved, what would I have but an income. Shopping, seeing concerts, drinking, and sitting behind a monitor and a mouse staring at crosshairs, eh could be done anywhere. So why not somewhere different? (End of napkin)Why did i choose a picture of grandpa for this update? Well cause i haven’t been taking many digi-pics lately, and well i felt that everyone should see that picture. (He’s emo, its ok.) Apparently there is a movie out there named “Ping Pong” or something like that. Its about ping pong. It inspired a friend of mine, krystal Steal, to get as many dykes (this is a term used for a certain faction of friends, not a term describing sexual preference) together and go to The New York Ping Pong, umm place in Flushing. So last night Jan 31th, about 14 dykes rolled up into this ping pong joint which was basically full of champion players, all asian. After an hour or two of fumbling embarrassment and loads of fun i finally decided to pick up a paddle and give it a try. I thought it was pretty fun and i guess i was kinda good. But like Grandpa said, this is probably just a 2 day fad and there will never be a ping pong night again, atleast not for a few months. Emperor Hole left for florida this weekend. He is going to go retire. I guess he figured at age 22, that he needs to take it easy in his old life. umm well i dont know what else to say. Keep on trucking[End]

Elphing @ the MET Museum “El Mummy” Coool right? Theres something dead in there. but like Really dead… like dead for like… a long time dead. errr yeah. I took this picture cause Andrea likes these things. Morbid…