My Apartment

My Apartment

I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of my new digs. So i think that over the next week or two i will start posting pictures of stuff out here. This picture is my room. And all my furniture. Pretty sweet set up right? Sleeping is kinda difficult though, always wake up with back aches.

Okay maybe I was just thinking about the ring, when i did that. Hehe it backed fired on me though, I did it so it would kinda weird someone out when they saw the chair in the middle of the empty room, but just today when i walked into the room, Andrea was sitting in the chair looking at me, and yeah, that kinda freaked me out, wasnt expecting her to be in the chair.

New News:
I got a roommate today. His name is Mike. I haven’t met him yet but he his stuff into a bedroom on the 2nd floor. I moved into the basement, its cold down here, but its a bit more private. My landlord said he has a girl that is looking for a place, but he doesnt know when she would be moving. Andrea’s parents gave me a 15 inch tv today cause I didnt have one before, but I see my new roommate has moved his 21 inch into the living room. I didnt even bother bringing a tv. I mean seriously, do i need one? I dont even have cable. Too bad wireless doesnt ransmit cable tv. (If it does clue me in though).

Went out with Andrea today. We saw Dawn of the Dead. That is a freaking good scarey movie. I think it was done perfectly. Well for a scarey movie about the dead at least. Only one thing i had against the movie, and that was the fact that you never find out why. Other than that, it was freaking good. Had me all watching my back for most of the day… okay maybe even now.

Anyways got to shower and make my lunch for work tomorrow. More on stuff later


Pic of the day. Emperor Hole, between jobs

Well its now just about 2 weeks since I’ve been out on my own. Got to Illinois on March 5th, and now tomorrow will be the 19th. That would be 14 days. To this date, I have myself an apartment and I’m living alone. I have a job, which, to my new York standards doesn’t pay very well. But with the cost of living here being a lot less than back home, it only takes me a little less than a week of work to pay for one months rent (which is a good thing since I’m trying to budget myself). This of course is all just short term. The job I’m doing now is customer service, and I really want to do something more administrative marketing related. Maybe something that has more to do with advertising in print or on video media. I would even settle for something in distribution channel management. Well anyways, I’m still out for sale, looking for a job that’ll put my degree to work.

My car has been giving me a few scares, with the sounds the engine has been making, so I got her a doctors appointment on Saturday morning. Hopefully the mech will fix’er up real good. I survive out here on my Ford, without her I’d be grounded and seriously screwed.

Finally got my mail box key from the post office, so I can receive mail! I still haven’t received any bills yet, so until I have something that will be proof of residence I can’t change my car registration to get new plates or get a new drivers license. I have a letter from my power company welcoming me to the neighborhood, but I doubt that would work.

Got a new cell phone with a local phone number out here in the town of NORMAL. Won’t give out on my website though, so just email me for it, if you want it. Same goes for the address.

Been eating Bologna sandwiches and cereal. And fried chicken… I can’t help it! I love chicken! (Yes I’ve been Cookin Chicken shaoolie.) Going to go on a date this Sunday, probably going to see Dawn of the Dead, been wanting to see that since the first trailer. Me and Andrea got a bet going to see which will be better, this one or RE2. Love that trailer they got on the website for RE2. “Regenerex, brining Dead cells … Back… To … Life…”

Got some pics by email, here is something Emperor Hole put together. This would be Pic number 2 of the day. [Photo] I’m in the box. Jessica stage left, Bobby Up stage left. Goat-T center stage. Picture taken by Emperor Hole, with a camera owned by Jessica.


Its been about a week since my last confessional.

Its been about a week since my last confessional. I mean update.

Well my resume is still getting sent out there, but the fish just aint biting just yet.

Today was my second day at my job. Been getting training, and by the end of the day today I was just about out of training. As much as I like having my hand held during a job, guess you cant always have that.

I basically am part of a customer service call center for some agricultural catalogs. Its weird cause I basically spend all day listening to these people from all over, Tennessee to Texas. From Georgia peaches to Pine tree farmers named Peabody*. By the end of the day I’ve adapted some strange accent that I cant shake for a few hours. Call my cell after work and you’ll probably end up speaking to Alvin Shamus Smitherson.

Its not paying what I want, but like I said, it’ll cover the bills.

Once I land that job that’s hit my degree right on target, I’m outtie 5 0. (small side note to ex-Hub Connection employees, had a customer who was mad that he received his order of trees while it was still snowing outside and the ground was frozen and unplantable, he was basically fuming that he received his order too early. (keep in mind that as long as he keeps his trees in like a garage, they wont die) while I was taking this call, and he was just about using as many curses he knew, I couldn’t help but think about Mr. Waits or Mr. Dennis Gallagher. Who probably lost millions of dollars thanks to the Hub. No matter what the guy said about his plants, I just couldn’t really sympathize, like what I mean is, I didn’t really care that he got his plants early. I could care less if they died. The size of his problem just couldn’t compare, in my mind, to the type of problems that were faced at the Hub Connection. I mean, maybe if he was talking about his entire crop, which is what keeps food on the table for his family, then maybe I could be like, well that sucks. But,… A bunch of trees? If you cant smoke’em … feh.

I don’t know, I’m sure one day, I’ll get a customer on the phone who will explain to me exactly how the entire world is effected by his Maple tree, and then it will all make sense. On that note though, I am learning an awful lot about plants and farming. Like how to take care of perennials. Or if you want a hedge like plant that will keep the neighbors out year round, you are going to want to stick with something not deciduous, but more of an evergreen like a hemlock screen. And when year old Maple Trees are in a dormant state, they basically look like sticks. And if you don’t know which way to plant a bulb, you can plant it sideways, and it will find its way.

so its not a complete waste of time, at least after this job I can become a farmer or gardener.

well gtg be back soon


End of Day 3, Job Hunt continues.

Signed up with a temp agency. Wasn’t very inspiring though. They basically told me they can get me a job with a company that I already have a job with. So yeah no new ground covered with that. Did receive a call back from “Easter Seals”. This might be an opportunity, who knows. Will have to see where that goes.

So its Day 3 of the job hunt. and 5 days since I’ve been in Illinois. 5 days since I’ve left New York City, and, well I guess I have an apartment now. Going to move into it on Saturday. Going to be weird living by myself. Alone. Looking at bare walls of white. Hope I don’t go crazy. Its weird. The estate, has a quiet time. Heheh. Technically the rules say its “study time”. Because most of the tenants are students, there is a time of each day that the volume level has to be down to a minimum. No keggers allowed on the property either. Not that I was planning on it. Did pass some cool looking Frat houses. Maybe I’ll start going to parties right? Yeah…. That’s probably not going to happen.

I wont post my apartment info just yet, if you’re curious email me or catch me when I’m online to ask. Oh speaking of which!

AHHHH how will I survive! At the apartment I wont have any internet access until I set myself up with one. And I don’t want to do that until I know I can afford one. If I want dial up I have to buy a telephone line and then buy the service. But if I just get some sort of broad band like Cable modem, I wont have to go through that. I don’t know, I guess I will see. The cheapest route will be the best route. Better have some free set up or I’ll be pissed.

Oh got new car insurance today. And yeah, im paying like half of what i was paying in new york. Really, really, cheap. I mean if i was in new york alone on my own, with car insurance at my age… id be paying like 300 a month. (hahha like Mike is hahah) But now its more like 300 every year! Ok well maybe every 6 months. But still thats way better. And gas, just about a buck fifty. Cheaper than riding the MTA or buying most water bottles.

Next plan of action: Super Job Mode. Going to have to take it up a notch.

Well see you on the Flip side.