Exodus Begins:

Exodus Begins:

7:30am Depart Home do some gas buying, some dropping off stuff, and im on the way by 8:00am

Run into a bunch of traffic up on the Grand Central Parkway towards Triborough Bridge, cuts in about an hour or so.

Stupid Brooklyn-Queens Exwy, Backed up for ever. “BQE = Worst expwy ever!”

Saw a few people pulled over by state cops. Was too affraid to go over 80 cause of them, heck 75. But I hit 90 a few times to get around big Semi Trucks.

Khris fell asleep.

Listened to rock to keep awake

12:00 About 4 hours later, Im in SUNY Albany, in a computer lab typing this. Albany sucks, it looks like crap. All the houses look like they are falling apart. And the campus looks like something out of the NY Worlds Fair back in 1964. But run down like it is today in Flushing Meadows, NY. I wonder how many suicides they have annually. . .

Next stop, Buffalo, NY. When will this wild rollercoaster stop?!


P.S. Khris farted in the car, but i couldnt find the air freshener while driving

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