Pic of the day. Emperor Hole, between jobs

Well its now just about 2 weeks since I’ve been out on my own. Got to Illinois on March 5th, and now tomorrow will be the 19th. That would be 14 days. To this date, I have myself an apartment and I’m living alone. I have a job, which, to my new York standards doesn’t pay very well. But with the cost of living here being a lot less than back home, it only takes me a little less than a week of work to pay for one months rent (which is a good thing since I’m trying to budget myself). This of course is all just short term. The job I’m doing now is customer service, and I really want to do something more administrative marketing related. Maybe something that has more to do with advertising in print or on video media. I would even settle for something in distribution channel management. Well anyways, I’m still out for sale, looking for a job that’ll put my degree to work.

My car has been giving me a few scares, with the sounds the engine has been making, so I got her a doctors appointment on Saturday morning. Hopefully the mech will fix’er up real good. I survive out here on my Ford, without her I’d be grounded and seriously screwed.

Finally got my mail box key from the post office, so I can receive mail! I still haven’t received any bills yet, so until I have something that will be proof of residence I can’t change my car registration to get new plates or get a new drivers license. I have a letter from my power company welcoming me to the neighborhood, but I doubt that would work.

Got a new cell phone with a local phone number out here in the town of NORMAL. Won’t give out on my website though, so just email me for it, if you want it. Same goes for the address.

Been eating Bologna sandwiches and cereal. And fried chicken… I can’t help it! I love chicken! (Yes I’ve been Cookin Chicken shaoolie.) Going to go on a date this Sunday, probably going to see Dawn of the Dead, been wanting to see that since the first trailer. Me and Andrea got a bet going to see which will be better, this one or RE2. Love that trailer they got on the website for RE2. “Regenerex, brining Dead cells … Back… To … Life…”

Got some pics by email, here is something Emperor Hole put together. This would be Pic number 2 of the day. [Photo] I’m in the box. Jessica stage left, Bobby Up stage left. Goat-T center stage. Picture taken by Emperor Hole, with a camera owned by Jessica.


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