My Apartment

My Apartment

I realized that I haven’t posted any pictures of my new digs. So i think that over the next week or two i will start posting pictures of stuff out here. This picture is my room. And all my furniture. Pretty sweet set up right? Sleeping is kinda difficult though, always wake up with back aches.

Okay maybe I was just thinking about the ring, when i did that. Hehe it backed fired on me though, I did it so it would kinda weird someone out when they saw the chair in the middle of the empty room, but just today when i walked into the room, Andrea was sitting in the chair looking at me, and yeah, that kinda freaked me out, wasnt expecting her to be in the chair.

New News:
I got a roommate today. His name is Mike. I haven’t met him yet but he his stuff into a bedroom on the 2nd floor. I moved into the basement, its cold down here, but its a bit more private. My landlord said he has a girl that is looking for a place, but he doesnt know when she would be moving. Andrea’s parents gave me a 15 inch tv today cause I didnt have one before, but I see my new roommate has moved his 21 inch into the living room. I didnt even bother bringing a tv. I mean seriously, do i need one? I dont even have cable. Too bad wireless doesnt ransmit cable tv. (If it does clue me in though).

Went out with Andrea today. We saw Dawn of the Dead. That is a freaking good scarey movie. I think it was done perfectly. Well for a scarey movie about the dead at least. Only one thing i had against the movie, and that was the fact that you never find out why. Other than that, it was freaking good. Had me all watching my back for most of the day… okay maybe even now.

Anyways got to shower and make my lunch for work tomorrow. More on stuff later


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