Fighting Back.

Several hundred dead. They keep coming. I’m fighting them off as many as I can. I thought I had them beat. On the morning rise not a single one in sight. Then around 18 hundred hours. One was spotted. A scout perhaps. Soon there were more. I fought back valiantly. Maybe about 20 of them died. There will be more. We’ll see how long they will last. Soon they shall all perish……
~Zerg Defense Infantry

Going to look at an apartment tomorrow. This one is in a great spot. I hope the insides are good. If its worth it then I might just be like, give me a pen. This time though I’m checking all drawers and cabinets. I’m going to inspect every apartment like Consumer Affairs and the DEP inspected Chinkies. Any droppings or dead carcasses are a sign of past battles. And I don’t want to be having that.

Time’s have been rough. My bank account just seems to be getting lower and lower. Not a single deposit for about 3 weeks, maybe more. Hopefully there will be a pay check coming sometime soon. Who knows. We will see what happens. I hope I get one soon. Then i can start measuring my expenses against real numbers.

anyways ill be back

What up Wyoming

What up Wyoming! The Internet. I never get to use it much. So this update is probably going to the only one for awhile. Sux!

My job Rox0rs! I’ve been training all this week, and I just finished the first “phase” of my training. My trainer Shannon said I was doing pretty good. (Hi Shannon!) She’s cool. I’m going to sell toys!… and stuff. On tuesday I start phase II of my training!

My new apartment sux a lot! My actual room is alright. My Roommates are okay. But … Seriously. The bathroom was horrible! The kitchen was and is infested with roaches! I just laid out some Combat Gel today, and sprayed around some raid. The place kinda smells like insecticide, I doubt my roommates would notice. The router, for the Cable is set on the floor right by this cabinet in the kitchen. And yeah as always the router is something that is always on. Which means what? It is very warm. Cause of the constant flow of electricity. Anyone know where I’m going with this? The router is freaking gross, at any given moment you can see about 5 roaches crawling on top of it, and several of them crawling in and out of them. I live in Joe’s apartment. I am Joe. And they don’t talk. They aren’t friendly. At they wont be building any parks for me. They are basically keeping me away from the kitchen, I shiver when ever I see them. Hopefully my insect killing efforts are going to annihilate enough of them to a point where I wouldn’t mind buying any food. For now I’m eating out, all the time, every time. I just cant even fathom eating or putting any food in that kitchen.

I’m going to go check out some more apartments this coming week. Hopefully I can find something I like and I think I can afford. Either way for now I’m going to have to suffer in Joe’s apartment. Oh well.

Later. Keep on trucking

my new job

Its Sunday, and tomorrow I start my new job. I don’t know what’s going on with my living situation right now. I’m feeling like I’m going to be making rash decisions without carefully thought. But oh well, I’m sure it will all work itself out in the end.

I created a excel worksheet, for budgeting purposes. Much like Bobby’s BPL MODEL, which saved my life during Business Policy (this is a class). Basically what it comes down to, is how much am I willing to save or not save at the end of the month. As long as I don’t go into the red at the end of the month, I’m sorta fine. After working out the numbers, its something like, do I want to save $600 at the end of the month or do I want to save $400? And when I look at it Annually, well, one choice looks even more undesirable. See the main difference is privacy and distance. At saving $600 a month I will be having roommates, be living quite far (not as far as I am now), but my liabilities are shared among roommates. At saving $400 a month, I have a one bedroom apartment, by myself, complete privacy, I will live either 1 to 3 miles away from work, but I have full liability for the apartment, all costs are on me.

After some rational and irrational thought I think I’m going to go for the $600 for now. Being that I haven’t even started my job and don’t know how much I will actually be earning every week, all the numbers in my Budget Model are estimates. And hopefully the difference between my Estimates and Actualls won’t be that big. I see a standard deviation of about $50. Watch it be more like $300!

The first apartment I took was an easy choice. This one is getting all complicated.

I will be changing the format of this front page soon. I want to add a ROOMMATE needed sign on the right side splitting this site down the middle and justifying to the left. Once I get a computer that can stand some heavy picture editing and web page making I will do it. Incidentally, if you happen to come across this website and are thinking about moving to Champaign, send me an email if you are looking for a place.



Well okay I guess I already had one but … I GOT ANOTHER JOB! Yay for me. What will I be doing you ask? Well I will be selling toys! Not not Yo-yos and barbies at Toys R Us. They are actually going to be Radio Controlled … stuff… to retail stores. Im going to be part of the Channel Distribution thing they talked about in school. Im that one step after manufacturer and right before retailer. Im part of a distribution system. Oh for joy.

so now what does that mean for the future of Dante? Hmmm dont know really. The job is one hour away from where i currently live, so Im probably going to be moving out once I have settled things enough for me to make the move. Bank accounts, change of addresses, and so forth. Hope my car insurance doesn’t go up. Last time I moved in this state it went up 15 bucks. Maybe this move will bring it down rather than up.

So with this new job I must say that things are moving along quite well. At first I was very disheartened and very worrisome of what the hell I was doing. But with this on the horizon, I think things are going to be “al’ree”.

I’ll try to update as much as possible. Of course, I say this knowing that there probably isn’t a very large pool of people who check this website, and of the people who do check this website, I probably call them and tell them about the news before I have a chance to update this site. But ah well. If you are reading this then awesome! If not then not so awesome. But if you are reading this, then I give you this. Coupon #456879. Mention this coupon number at any McDonalds and receive a free something or other with fries. (Only at participating locations)

Anyways Keep on Trucking
I know I Am.


Here is the link to the apartment page


It isnt completed, but there are some thumbnails that can be accessed. Although if you are on 56 i advise not checking it out as they are not formated to a reasonable compression for 56 users…

Anyways its sunday and im home. I didnt do much yesterday. My apartment community has turned into a ghost town. Graduation was yesterday and the spring semester is over, so a good number of students have gone home for the summer. So i expect the partying for this week to be very minimal. But Im sure by june, all the summer party people will be moving in for their summer stay. Dont know if i will be here or not, if all goes well i will have moved out by June. If it doesnt, then im going to be back on that job train trying to get off somewhere.

A day ago, played some drinking games with the neighbors. I lost a few of them. I enjoyed myself.

Andrea has 2 finals this week, and shes off for the summer. Hehe although, to end her semester she will be having surgery on Friday. They’re removing her wisdom teeth. Kinda sucks but cant leave them in there.

Figuring out what to do next is difficult when you dont know what you are doing currently. Guess i should go figure out what im doing.