Still no job

Still no job… Im getting a little impatient. If i dont have a new job in another week, im going to have to step up the search again. I kinda slowed down my job activity because i had a really good feeling about the one toy job. But if they dont take me then im going to have to switch gears again and find somewhere else to work for. kinda sucks but c’est la vie. This weekend i have a 2 day weekend. Yay both saturday and sunday. Andrea has finals week next week, which means im going to have to find something to do to occupy my time. I think i’ve decided on packing up my stuff here in this apartment and get ready to move again. It may be a little premature, being that i dont have a new job nor do i have a new apartment to move to yet, but i think it will make me feel a little better knowing i can just pack up and blink over to somewhere else.

Speaking of nearing the end of a semester… it is almost summer, meaning that there are probably going to be one or two people who will want to visit. this is perfectly fine, just give me a call or email and we will figure something out. Ive been telling myself that once the summer hits i will go back to new york to pick up stuff and visit for a while. A while being a short enough period of time to get drunk, play poker, maybe get a good game of cstrike, and see a rock concert. There is a scene here, but im so caught up in work and finding new work, that my free time is spent sleeping or driving. Driving to no-where in particular, just driving to not have to be anywhere specific.

Hopefully things will take a quick and dramatic turn for the better today.

Well i better go do something of importance before something unimportant comes up.

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