Was spent first at a family friend’s upstate mansion for lunch. And then back to Queens for a good’ol time at the Weng’s Household. Wii and good company, equal good times.

Turkey was had, and in bountiful amounts. Said my thanksgiving hellos and text messages Andi, Farrah, Anni, jude… etc etc the whole lot.

For the weekend, I went over to Pennsylvania with Mike to a Christian retreat center. I’ve never been to one before and so I really didn’t know what to expect. What i got though, was a very fulfilling experience. Mike had to do a lecture for a small youth group of kids from Brooklyn. I was more or less there for moral support and to experience the Christian retreat. According to Mike, this particular youth group was fairly small compared to what his church does annually. Apparently, his event is a pretty big deal. I’d love to attend his parent’s retreat, but its like 99% spoken in Spanish. And I’m like 1% fluent in Spanish. So it probably wouldn’t work out.

I could probably find a church nearby that uses the same facilities and kinda of get into it that way, but I really don’t know where to begin.

I recently started this exploration of my faith, so I’m pretty much a newbie to who to contact and what websites to go to or even what church to attend. I’m sure I’ll find what I’m looking for in a church and faith eventually. I’m just glad that I’m finally doing something about it.

I told a friend today, that its interesting how I’ve noticed more and more things dealing with Christ every day. I don’t know if they are just little subtle reminders to keep Him in my mind or if its just my interpreting events a certain way due to my recent experiences. Sorta like them Ancient Oracles. Either way its interesting, and I’m willing to keep perusing this further. … Today’s event was while waiting for a job interview, I sat in a waiting room thinking about stuff. God came into my mind and I thought about the past weekend. At that moment, a woman working in the office came out humming a song to herself. When she came to where I was sitting she started to sing (with a gospel ring) “Santa Clause is coming to town, but Christ is already here”. Maybe not to subtle, but interesting how it happened at that moment.

Anyways, back to the weekend, it was cool. The counselors? (I think thats what you would call them) who managed and ran the youth group, were all really awesome people. Felt very welcomed even though I was a bit standoffish at first. Though that is normally how i am… well shy that is. It was easy to open up and just let things flow. I also sorta met a potential new friend at the end of my stay. A worker at the retreat who, as i understand it, was there with her church as well as for the job? (another employee told me that thats what she was there for, so figure it is the same for everyone that worked there) Not sure how that works out. Whenever she (Rachael) gets back from her church retreat, I’ll probably talk to her through email or something. (she’s very cute, but probably too young for anything more than a friendship)

In trying to find more ways of exploring these interests I have, I think its important that I find more and more friends that share the same interests. Christianity, Animation, Marketing, and … heh tailoring… The first three seem to be the easiest though. My current set of friends, of who I love and am thankful for, aren’t the best candidates for going to conventions and related events with. Christianity especially, although I do have Mike, I think I want to have a bigger base of friends that share the same interest. The majority of my best friends are agnostic and atheist. Not exactly the perfect crowd that would help flourish an interest in religion.


Job Interviews…. hmmm I don’t want to talk about them again. I’ve talked about them way too much today. And I feel anymore and I’m just jinx’ing myself. Let’s just say, I’m very hopeful.

Anyways… Keep on Truckin.

Quick note I wanted to remember.

Quick note I wanted to remember.

Some friends can be supportive.
Some friends can be unsupportive.

One must always distinguish the difference between a friend carrying for your own safety. And a friend just trying to impose their opinions and beliefs upon you. Though some friends may not realize what side they represent. Or how their words are perceived. On the flip side, one may interpret incorrectly or may be ignorant to one’s own destructive/negative decisions.

I have decided that I will take in comments and suggestions. Evaluate them and use them to evaluate my actions.

But I must say that I no longer will share my interests, my thoughts, or my actions with those “Friends” who I feel choose words that either hurt me or belittle me. You don’t need to know who I am, if you don’t respect who I am.

my first Insurance class

Today, I went to my first Insurance class. I have 2 more to go to. 9 to 5 Mon, Tue, and Wednesday. Then an exam next Monday. And then another exam when I choose to take it. Basically this is for my New York State License to be an Insurance Agent.

Why am I doing this? Well its an opportunity that has been put before me by a reputable company. Unlike that “other” company that I once affiliated myself with 4 to 5 years ago. Will I pursue a career in Insurance and Financial Planning? I don’t know. I once considered it during college, but never did anything about it. Most likely due to my concentration in marketing courses. Sure I am more of a marketing minded person, but the opportunity was put before me to try something different on someone else’s buck.

Marketing vs Sales. If you asked me a few months ago if I wanted to be in sales, I would have replied with, “I want to try something different”. Now, though, I’ve realized that it wasn’t sales that I had the problem with, it was the lack of rewards for my efforts. After examining sales positions in other markets and industries I realized that the type of effort and commitment I can put into sales is worth a lot more than what I was previously being paid. There wasn’t anything wrong with the relationship building or the selling. It was the fact that no matter how much effort I put in it. Whether I destroyed my quotas or just made them by a $1, my income was barely affected. I remember getting upset at the fact that someone who works 9 to 5 at Best Buy could have earned what I did, or even more.

For that and other reasons, I’m here. I’m looking for a job in marketing. Training for a career in insurance. And studying to pass the GMAT to attempt my MBA.

Back to that class:
So I seriously can’t believe the things some people still do or feel is permissible to do, especially in a business setting. Sure, I was sleepy. I was getting tired and was about ready to pass out during the class. It didn’t help that I developed studying habits in college that allowed me to sleep in lectures and still maintain 85 to 95 averages. But I did what I had to do to keep myself awake. (i.e. Taking the heal of my shoe and digging it or jabbing it into my shin. Sure it hurt but it kept me awake) At least 3 people, all of where were men, had fallen asleep. Now I’d understand if it was in college, but it wasn’t. This was a class being taught by a member of the same management team that was considering hiring you. In my opinion, if you can’t compose yourself to stay awake during this, then maybe you aren’t ready for a job/career yet.

Anyways tonight I plan on preparing myself for tomorrows endurance run. More sleep, more caffeine, and maybe a thumbtack in the shoe to keep me alert.

Anyways, I better get to studying.

First real blog of blogs.

First real blog of blogs.

So to those who will actually check this blog. which I’m guessing is going to be no one. Hello.

I’m going to use this blog to get personal. I will write about whatever i feel comes to mind. I know this isn’t really a 100% private. If you really wanted, I’m sure you could find this blog. But thats okay. If you’ve found it, then please feel free to read it.

Today I went out with Ethan and Kristin (or w/C?). We went to this Anime film deal that was put on by some people here in NYC. I thought it would be a nice way to meet some people, but due to my companions lack of interest in the event, we left very quickly. I feel that if I am going to actually want to go see Anime in theatre or in a convention setting with friends… that I’am actually going to need a new set of friends. With the exception of maybe Shane, no one I currently hang out with would be interested in doing anything Anime related. (Not that I hang out with Shane, being that he lives in Florida)

I must admit though, the films that were being shown at this particular event, were not of the form of drama that I am interested in. The Animes shown were High School kiddie dramas. We didn’t stick around to see if there would be any more action sci-fi animes to be shown, but by the looks of the crowd I don’t think that would have happened.


It’s not that I don’t like my current circle of friends, I just kinda feel that they don’t share the same interests as I do anymore. And I must admit that their little quirks and personalities are getting to me. I don’t think its me wanting to be the center of attention, but I feel like none of them really care. There are a few that do, but even their interests are not the same as mine. To say that Andrea doesn’t care would be wrong, because she does care. But she wouldn’t ever be interested in some of the things I am. Mike, well, he’s too busy, and the suspension of beliefs required sometimes would be impossible. Probably the only friend I have that would truly be interested in these things is Heidi, but shes a million miles away living a life that may not cross with mine again… ever.

I just need to find myself a new circle of friends to invade. I thought I could do this with someone I currently know, but it would seem that if I’m going to do this successfully, I’m going to have to do it alone.

Khris did this. But he did it on the basis of music. I want to do it on the basis of anime. Thats possible isn’t it? People that share the same interests in certain genres of anime. Suppose we could throw in Sci-Fi as well. But that isn’t really necessary considering, I have never had a problem finding someone to talk/argue about sci-fi with.


In other news. The Job search goes on. Still needing a Job like I need air to breath. A few more bills are coming due, and a fresh supply of cash would be very helpful. Hopefully my recent interview will actually get me employed, but I’m not going to hold my breath. Anything can happen, no matter how well it went.

Suppose I will hit up 3 to 5 more applications tomorrow. I do have an interview at 3pm Monday. But the distance to this job would be a 1 hour commute. Its doable, but it would have to be worth it. I suppose for this job I should try to reach 45 to 50K/yr. Figure that would be worth the travel. Heh. But living out in Long Island? That would be weird. But not very much different from the Midwest living that I have had.

Anyways, better get back to studying.