Co-Worker’s Approval

Co-Worker’s Approval

So far I have the cuteness appeal and the uniqueness appeal in my cake, according to two co-workers. 2 Hours till contest starts.


I’m having a lot of fun at this jorb. I just got my business cards. That was quick. Last jorb it took a month for me to get them. Then when they were done incorrectly, I didnt get the correct ones for like another month. I like how things are efficient here. Kinda makes me proud to work for such a well organized company.

Of course, I’ve only been around for a week, so maybe I haven’t had enough time to witness or uncover the true dust under the carpet.

Found a Chinese buffet near by yesterday. Going to have to check that out! For Realz.


I’ve been doing ad expense reports the past two days for some big companies. And I thought the price of buying google adwords for my website was a ridiculous amount. LOL. Eh, I don’t need to be seen. I just need a place to rant.

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