AnimeNEXT: my first anime con.

Totally went to my first Anime Convention yesterday. 777. AnimeNExt. It was pretty cool. I always imagine conventions to be really huge. I mean this one was a pretty good size, but I still imagined bigger. Maybe its because of all those car shows and computer conventions I went to when I was little, now those were big (I guess I was little though, and everything is bigger when you’re little). I remember when I went to the BigApple ComicCon a few years back, that con was smaller than I thought it would be too.

But anyways, AnimeNext was pretty cool, and if people i knew went next year, I’d be good to go too.

Took a bunch of pictures, still testing out my new camera. I even brought out my older digital camera and tried to take side by sides with them. Was testing to see which pictures came out better. The newer camera had better shots, but with the higher resolution, digital zooming pixelates the image faster. I could take down the res in photoshop and then zoom digitally, but unless I wanted to see something in the background of a shot, there isn’t much point to it. The 10x optical zoom worked very very well in bright situations, which I was very happy about. But since the optical test was me just taking random pictures of people far away, theres no point in posting those camera test shots.

So this con was cool, and Otakon is suppose to be bigger. So might as well check it out. I may not become a die hard annual con goer, but at least for 2007 I will. I’ve bought pretty much all the anime chotchkies I wish to own, so really this is all about the experience. I did learn of a Dragon Con that is soon approaching. I may have to throw that onto my list. It’s a scificon. And I love that there sci fi, yah’kno’.

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