Thoughts on Depression

So this morning I stumbled across something called TALES OF MERE EXISTENCE. it was awesome. I think i ran into it by searching for this band Behind The Trees. Then that led to depression. Not mine, but others.

I’m not really depressed. I think my version of depressed is just being upset. Although now that i think about it, I kinda get down on myself when there’s nothing to do or I’m being lazy. In the end I think I’m just being lazy, and not depressed. When i watch those videos of kids being “depressed” i think, “Man that kid is Lazy”. There probably is something to say about chemical imbalances and having traumatic life experiences. But then i look at the people who are obviously not depressed, the people who are having a ball with life and are happy, and one thing stands out as a difference between the two types of people. The happy ones are out doing stuff. The depressed ones are taking videos of themselves in their rooms or writing in their journals instead of doing something.

So i say if you are feeling depressed go out and do something. and if you have nothing to do, give me a call and I’ll go do something with you.

Now its time for some Videos!

Tales of Mere existence rocks.

Behind The Trees – The Way She Feels

That’s not writing love… thats like.. cutting.

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