“How did we get here? Is this where we want to be?”.

Where Am I?

I am at work. Not exactly working. But not exactly taking a break. I’m waiting for a phone call. I can’t really do anything before I take this phone call, so I will most likely just wait. Wait and Write… or type as it were. …. “as it were”… I don’t think I used that correctly. And the first rule of using something that you aren’t sure you are using it correctly… is to not use it at all…. as it were.

So I’m also 26. Twenty six years of life. Six years of life in my twenties. This is of course obvious. But to actually say it makes it feel … different. A reality. Like realizing you need a hair cut or that your finger nails have grown too long. Something must be done.

So I have a job. A good job. A job that thankfully puts the knowledge I have learned from college and the skills I have thus far gained from previous jobs, to use. “To use,” on a daily basis. It is somewhat satisfying to know that everything you’ve learned and all the preparation you have done before seriously entering the professional workforce… is being used.

………. brb.

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