Rice Cooker Confusion

Last night I had an odd dream about a rice cooker.

I was outside on a sidewalk. The location was a cross between the Woodhaven Pathmark parking lot and an on ramp to the Prospect Expressway/ Brooklyn Queens Expressway.

There were people all around walking hurriedly to their destinations. It was a very busy sidewalk. In my hands I held the cooking pot to an electric rice cooker. I'm not sure why or how I was able to do so, but I managed to get about 3 to 4 scoops/cups of rice in the pot. I also had a water source available. I think it was a garden hose. While trying to stand on this busy sidewalk, I proceeded to wash the rice. To those who don't know, the action of washing rice consists of adding a good amount of water to the rice pot, stirring it to let the starches/white cloudy stuff float to the top, and then pouring out the white water(Repeat 3 to 4 times or as long as desired). The problem I kept having though, was every time I went to pour out the water I would lose a good amount of rice. I believe I was pouring out into a sewer grate. With every wash the amount of rice would shrink down; almost to the point where I had about one cup of rice left in the pot. I remembering being very upset that I kept losing rice. But what could I do? No matter how much I tried not to lose rice, it wouldn't work. For some reason, while I was washing the rice I also added Soy Sauce to the pot.

When I was finally fed up with losing rice I decided to head into Pathmark to see if I could find something there to help me out. When I was around midway crossing the street, I woke up.

Weird. I wonder if washing rice is a common Asian dream.



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