Khris tore up the livingroon carpet!

I had a dream I was back at my old house in woodhaven. Though it felt like a different city.
My mother was out and it was the weekend. The plan of the day was to have a big gathering. MTG and DnD. It was early and I hadn't expected anyone for awhile. I was in my room folding laundry when I got a knock on my bedroom door. It was this guy Victor. He said that people were already arriving and that I needed to come downstairs to set things up.

I wanted to hold the gathering in the basement but when I got downstairs my friends Khris and Cathy had already moved the furniture around in the livingroom. There were two giant tables next to each other with chairs all around. Khris and Cathy went to the kitchen to start cooking. As I look around I notice a wood frame couch by the window. But when I got close to it I see that its covered with spider web. And there are two huge spiders sitting in the middle of the biggest webs. The thought or removing the web crosses my mind but I decide it would probably be best to leave them alone. It is around this point that I notice that the carpet underneath the gaming table is completely tore up. There are patches of carpet coming off with whole sections showing nothing but hardwood. Just looking at the whole mess I could tell that the cause of it must have been the moving around of the tables. The tables were obviously dragged and not carried over the carpet.

As I leave to go to the kitchen to go confront the furniture movers the fear of what my mother is going to do when she sees the carpet completely phucked up starts to sink in. In the kitchen khris and cathy are chopping up vegetables. I ask them if they moved the tables in the livingroom because I had thought about setting up in the basement. Khris responds with a yes and a comment on how the party would work best in the livingroom. I notice khris does not look me in the eye. I then ask if khris had seen the carpet in the livingroom. He says no, but also looks away from my direction completely. In a calm voice I say to him "you phucked up the carpet didn't you?". He admits to it by saying "maybe". I argue with him for awhile but its not loud or heated. I think I'm too afraid of my mothers wrath to bother with being pissed. The dream ends around here.

When I think about it, I think that if khris really did break something in my mother's house, he'd probably try to cover it up instead of coming clean right from the start. (If he reads this he will probably say something about it being gay)


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