I told my mother.

So after putting it off for about a month now, I finally told mom that I was moving back to Illinois.

Don’t know which of my friends know or don’t know. It suffices to say most people I talk to on a normal basis already know. I still haven’t told Vega, I wonder when I will get around to doing that.

We’ve been looking at apartments recently, some of them are priced really great. And really close to the city. Burbs are for wimps!

Adventure is just over that mountain.

Montauk Dream.

so last night i was having a dream i was in Montauk with don. we were at montauk point and we could see the lighthouse. for some reason there was giant building right behind us. we were kinda just standing outside looking around at the water. there were a lot of people just walking around and at the beaches. i looked up at the sun and said something about how the sun was always brighter here. don said “dont look at the sun” it was one of those days when you could see the sun and the moon. i was looking up and noticed that not only could we see the moon but also it looked like the moon had a reflection. so there was the sun, the moon and something else that looked like the moon in the sky. for some reason we didn’t think this was odd so we just kept doing whatever we were doing here.

all of the sudden we hear people kinda panicking and pointing up to the sky. the thing that looked like another moon was coming down from the sky. like a meteor. it was coming fast. we turned around and started to run. we were running so fast and the thing hit the building that we were standing next to earlier. debris starting flying all around us but we kept running.

i couldn’t believe that we were still running. we were alive and i didn’t feel out of breath. it was like a movie. all of the sudden were in like an underground parking garage. we were pretty far away from whatever just fell out of the sky so we decided to rest.

a group of girls showed up and they were kinda like the “bad guys” or something. they wanted to steal from us they were bullying us until one of them starting screaming out in pain. she was moving around like crazy. and she was becoming covered in spiders. the spiders were not that big maybe the size of a quarter and she was being bit all over by them. the spiders were coming out of a crack in the floor and they were not slowing down. they were coming for all of us so we started to run again.

we ran through buildings…it was like people had went a little crazy and in some of the rooms people were killing other people. it was like running through a haunted house and every room has something different, gross, and scary. except it was real.

and that’s all i remember.

You suck, Applebee’s.

so i’ve always thought applebee’s was a decent restaurant. they have a good variety of food so out of those types of restaurants i’d say it was in my top 5.

i never really like applebee’s until mary and i ordered the nachos. their nachos were some of the best nachos EVER. so me and her would both order these giant nachos and it was amazing. it was like a guilty pleasure. we would go there and just pig out.

when i moved to ny though i had no one to eat these nachos with…so i kinda just forgot about them. one time i did happen to order them though and they were just as amazing.

here’s the thing though…there is an applebee’s right next to the theater we usually go to in battery park. so we would go there but awhile ago i noticed they replaced the good nachos with new nachos called “chili cheese nachos”…so i was mad but at least they still had the buffalo chicken salad and the buffalo chicken sandwich because those were the other 2 things i liked.

so then i went to applebee’s again and now not only are the nachos gone but the buffalo chicken salad was now gone! and i’m just like seriously!!! so out of the 8 different salads they have they get rid of the one that i like?!! okay but at least i can still order the buffalo chicken sandwich.

yesterday we went to a movie and afterwards were like lets go to applebee’s. i was looking at the menu thinking about the buffalo chicken sandwich…it’s really good and IT’S GONE! replaced with some new reuben sandwich….SERIOUSLY?! out of the 3 things on the menu worth getting they are now all 3 gone….?! the 3 things i order?! like they just randomly chose out of a hat which things to replace and all three that i like got chopped?! what are the freaken chances?!

so after this i am done with applebee’s. within a year they have gotten rid of everything worth me getting on their menu. i dont know if they have done this in other states…so until someone can prove they have 1 of these 3 things on the menu i will not eat there. the rest of the stuff is crap. applebee’s you should really consider keeping things on your menu…why not just keep things and add new things?! is it cheaper for you guys to make a crappy chili cheese nachos rather than your original ones? is there a shortage of buffalo sauce for your salads and sandwiches so now you can only afford the sauce for your wings? which by the way the buffalo wings are pretty good. but i’m sure if i went there again those would be replaced.


Today on the train, as I was reading a new zombie novel, I heard a curious splashing sound. When I looked to see what it was, I saw water falling to the floor in the center of the train car I was in. “That’s odd” I thought. Why would would someone just spill out their water like that? Then just as it stopped I realized what it was, only to see it again, this time with more color. Today I witnessed an explosion of vomit on the train. Luckily no one said anything until I got to the station I wanted to get off at. Curious though, it would seem that the MTA has plain clothes workers riding the subway. One guy wearing regular clothes took out his walkie talkie and began informing someone of the problem.