zombie dream

I had a zombie dream

There was a part about a car. Driving a car. And I watched as another car ran off the side of the road and flipped over

Then I was back in that house where I had a zombie dream before. My mother was there and that guy who is in Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles but used to be on 90210. He was tough as nails.

There was a part of the house that turned out to be almost mansion sized that we were trying to block off from our side. I’d say we were in the east wing. I think summer glow was there but I think she was serenity summer not terminator summer. Once we got organized we were able to dispatch the zombies on the property rather quickly. I specifically remember watching summer stand by a garbage bin as zombie after zombie approached her. She would deftly remove them of any weapon if they held something in their hands and then she would proceed to snap their necks one right after the other, slowly building a pile of weapons and bodies. I don’t think I even so much as raised a hand to fight or defend any zombies in the incursion.

After all the zombies had been cleared, Brian Austin Green, gets everyone together to go outside of the mansion grounds and I forget what happens next.

People in General and God

So not so long ago I came up with a weird fictional religious creation theory. What I mean by fictional, is that I thought it might be fun to write a story about people who believed in this religious creation theory and how it would effect our lovely civilization.

I’m sure there are books out there that are like that. For example there is probably someone out there who has written about a world in which all the people adopted a single religion and the problems something like that would cause.

Well my idea is more of a different take on that.

The idea is basically you have this guy who one day comes up with this crazy theory on creation. This guy is no scientist and is the furthest from a theist as you can get.

So out of the blue he has this Creation Theory and he starts to talk to his friends about it. The religious friends think its nonsense and the atheist friend tell him its interesting but they wouldn’t want to bothered by it.

Anyway as the story goes he decides to put his theory out on the Internet. Immediately millions of people start to argue about validity and blasphemy.

Not too long after this occurs, the most unlikely event happens. God visits Earth, and informs everyone that the theory was right and god had just been waiting until someone blogged about it before he’d make his grand appearance.


To The Annoying Person On My Block…

Please learn how to properly use or control your car alarm. Every day this week a certain car alarm has went off during the night. Anywhere from 11:30 pm to 7 am. And last night to be exact 4:31 am and 7:01 am.

I don’t really know how this is happening because it sounds like just one of the regular annoying alarms that goes off when you accidentally hit the panic button on your keys. It’s just BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP. And it’s pretty much parked right outside the bedroom window. It’s not like a huge truck went by and set off all the alarms on the block, cause that only happens with the touch sensitive ones really. So honestly, really either your car is messed up, you don’t know the buttons on your key thing and when you try to lock it you hit the panic and can’t turn it off for like 10 beeps cause you’re an idiot, or you’re sleeping with your car remote and keep rolling over on it and hitting the panic button. ?????

IT IS ANNOYING! Seriously if it was just one beep, fine, I could deal with that. It might not even wake me up. But 9 or 10 beeps?! What could you possibly be doing that you can’t turn it off?! Get it freaken fixed.

And the past few times it’s happened I’ve tried to get up and see which car it is but I haven’t figured it out while I’m pissed and stumbling around in the middle of the night. Maybe just to check if it’s a touch sensitive alarm I will go out and touch every car parked in front. And if I find it…EVERY TIME…I walk by this car I will set it’s alarm off just to be annoying so maybe this person will get rid of it.