The word of the day is… CRAZY.

So I decided to stop and eat at McDonald’s today on Clark Street…probably one of the weirdest experiences I’ve had at a Mcdonald’s so far. Picture a scene in a movie where it’s supposed to be just a regular event like a party, or a wedding, or an ordinary drive to work or something….but it’s just gone completely chaotic. But to make it seem more normal there’s calming classical music playing in the scene. There was actually classical music playing loudly at this Mcdonald’s…like really…when has that ever been happening?!

When I walked in it was like being in a nursing home…all these crazy old men sitting alone at tables saying random phrases and just sounding crazy. People just dropping stuff. There was a mentally disabled boy screaming “I want mustard, I want mustard…” and just screaming. One of the old men was saying “Someone needs to give that boy a whipping!” Over and over and over. Then another old man kept backing up his motorized wheelchair into people. It was literally a crazy house.

I was going to get my order to go, but after seeing so many crazy people in one building at once, I decided to sit and relax with my meal and take in the blaring classical music and the old man occasionally complaining about the boy that wouldn’t stop screaming. Entertainment.