Quezon City to Los Banos

Today we woke up around 9. I could have slept more but the roosters outside were going crazy. Plus I could hear other people getting up. So I woke up Don and he was a little hungover. We ate breakfast and then got ready. Once everyone was ready we all went to the cemetery to see Lolo’s resting spot. It was very emotional. You could see how much their grandfather was and still is loved.

After that we went back to the house. We looked at Tito Rom’s chickens and roosters. He has a lot. I believe he is raising them in hopes of putting them in fights…Then we had lunch and hung out for awhile. Then we got back in the van so we could be taken to Los Banos. Tito Boni had helped us book a resort in Los Banos. We will be staying there for 2 nights. It’s called the 88 Hot Spring Resort and it’s a Korean owned resort. We got to Los Banos around 2 and we checked in. The place was really nice looking. There were a lot of pools and the resort was beautiful. After we got checked in we went over to Tito Mar and Tita Doree’s house. There we visited with them and saw Jonas and Eunice. We were also able to see Tito Boni and his wife.

Tito Rom wanted to go back to Quezon City so we stayed a bit longer with Tito Boni. He let us try coconut water straight from a coconut. After we drank all the juice we put ice cream in the coconut and scraped off the edible pieces. It was very good. This was the first time I had eaten fresh coconut and drank coconut water. After we had this Tito Boni took us back to our resort. On the way we were able to stop at a pharmacy. I needed new deodorant because mine broke and some first aid stuff for my foot. It is still not healing from when I cut it on the rock in El Nido.

Once we got to the resort we wanted to check out the pools. There were so many of them! We have one big one right outside our room. When we got in we were surprised that it was warm, like hot. But it felt really good. Then we moved to the next area where there were 9 round hot tub looking pools. They were very hot, I couldn’t even get in them. The sign said you were supposed to stay in each one for 5 minutes. We didn’t want to do that! We tried out all the pools we could find. We found one that was colder but still warm.

After we were done with the pools we got cleaned up to go to dinner. They have a restaurant here that is Korean food. We ordered bibimbap and a noodle dish along with some spicy beef. But then they brought all these little plates with things on them. It was a little weird, I’ve never seen anything like it. I was also very surprised when I got my noodle soup and it was cold and it was supposed to be this way. Like really cold. I wasn’t expecting that and I didn’t like it really at all.  When I first saw the soup I thought “oh that’s weird there’s ice cubes in my soup.” I do not remember the name of this dish and did not mention it was cold noodles so needless to say I was disappointed haha.

After dinner we relaxed in our room. It has been the best room we have had all trip. We splurged a little for this hotel. It is our own little bungalow. The room is very nice and the TV actually works! The shower is great and the water gets hot! Ahh…love this place. Only thing is, the bed is very hard. Like sleeping on a floor haha, maybe the Koreans like it this way.

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