Dreaming on the Dock of the Bay

6-25-2016 6:15am

Just woke up from a crazy dream. Needed to write it down.

So Andrea and I are in the Fiesta and we are driving around some unknown city. It must have been during a road trip. There is a storm coming in and we are trying to figure out how to get back on the road and on our way home. There is a sense of us needing to get the heck out of the city and fast. As we are driving none of our GPS devices are working so we are just trying to go by instinct. We end up on what feels like a ramp bridge to cross a body of water – but it ends up to turn into a dead end pier to the water. Above us are bridges that seem to go over the body of water – we are just stuck underneath them.

Unfortunately we are not the only ones that went down the dock so there a few cars behind us as well….

Having gone down the dead end we pull over on this dock and we step out of the car to get our bearings. The city we are in feels like a coastal city but I dont get a sense of knowing where I am.  We must have got turned around – as we definitely wanted to be headed the exact opposite direction of this water. Darkness starts to fall on the city. More and more people are milling about on the dock. As people arrive that sense of dread starts to pick up for me. So I yell at Andrea to get back in the car and turn it around. Just before we got out of the car a few minutes ago – I recalled the car making a funny sound when we shut it off. It is then Andrea shouts out “SHIT!”. I ask her “whats wrong!?” and she tells me that the car battery is dead. After a few panicked seconds I yell out to the crowd “Anyone know where I can get a car battery?!!?” Luckily a guy who was dressed in some sort of Fast Food uniform says that there is a Best Buy or something just back a way where the bridge started – we would just need to cross over the middle of a highway to get to it. I then ask the crowd “Can someone help us get this battery”. An older couple (50s-60s) come to us and agree to help us out. Getting a feeling that they were worried about trusting us the first thing that came to my head was to volunteer that Andrea goes with them to get the battery instead of me. The man, being a sensible person asks to look at our car to make sure that the correct battery is bought so we walk back to check out the car.

I believe it is around now that there is a large booming sound  and something very large crashes into the city nearby. Its as if an airplane just crashes down – and we feel it has crashed near where the store with the car battery is. I remember saying that we need to get this done now!

As its being looked over I notice that a bunch of ants inside the car and on one of the headlights.  They are moving a bunch of leaves and they are all over the steering wheel. In my head I remember thinking “What the fuck how are we going to get rid of those ants” but because it was the least of my worries I just shut the door and figured we’d worry about it later.

At this point there was a little boy with a phone who was taking a picture of the ants on the headlight. I look over to him and gets an ant on his hand somehow and he freaks out trying to brush it off as its biting him.

The dock we’re on must have lowered into the water – because the boy steps off the dock and is then standing in water. As he is messing with the ants on him he then drops his phone into the water. There is a moment where he is all upset and plucks the phone out of the water. I can see the screen flickering on and off. And he says something like “not again?!”

The scene kind of zooms out for me and I can see myself standing on this dock with the car and Andrea. There are like abandoned vehicles in the water. I’m not sure if they are boats. But as we’re standing there. Wait I realize now, that I did recognize some of the people standing on the pier with us. They were co workers of Andrea’s. Soon after the crash as I’m looking back at the water there is a extremely large yacht or… train… that is approaching at a high speed from the water. I yell at this lady to watch out as it wizzes by almost knocking people off the dock. It just crashed with a huge explosion as it hits land.

Its hard to remember if at this point Andrea has gone to get that battery. I feel like she might be nearby. After the crash I think some large boat docks at the pier. I remember firefighters begin to step out and walk toward the city. I recall seeing a woman stopping one of the Firefighters and thank him for his service. Much like you do with veterans.

So its fully night. some chaotic event is happening in this city.  Thinking back on this – it must have been aliens or something. Planes and ships are crashing into the city. We are stuck on this pier with our Ford Fiesta and a dead battery. Currently the goal is to get the car working again so we can get the heck out of this situation. Andrea is about to split off with this older couple to  see if they can retrieve a new battery.

It is around here when I wake up.

I opened my eyes trying to get my surroundings and realize everything was just a dream. I look over to see Andrea sleeping. As I laid there thinking about the dream a thought occurs to me – what the fuck was I thinking – in a chaotic situation like that Andrea and I should never split up. We should have just considered the Ford Fiesta a lost cause and went to find another mode of transportation.

Not wanting to lose the dream I immediately walked over to my computer to write this.

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