Your first cubs game!

Your first cubs game was supposed to be a date for mama and daddy but your gigi came down with covid last minute so we decided to make it your first game.

It was a rainy day but originally it was supposed to hold off raining until 4 pm. But it was raining pretty good on our walk over. The 1:20  game vs the Arizona diamondbacks was delayed until 2:50.

We had fun anyway. We got you a first time cubs game certificate and we even got a Patrick Wisdom bobble head. You later pulled his head off because you thought it was broken 😂

Mom and dad got beers, nachos and hot dogs. You enjoyed the nachos and you even ate almost an entire hot dog! You loved the hot dog and we really enjoyed watching you eat it!

We loved watching you dance and point out the seagulls. You enjoyed trying out all the free seats around us. Around 2:45 it was still rainy and getting colder so we decided to go. The cubs started to take field soon after we left. We bought you a nice soft cubs blanket for the stroller ride home and you picked out a magnet.

You fell asleep on the walk home. The game ended up going to 10 innings and unfortunately the cubs lost. 6-7

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