we are going on the big ship!

We woke up today again around 6:30; Lucas doesn’t allow sleeping in even on vacation! We got our bags all situated for the cruise and we noticed a Royal Caribbean ship outside our hotel room!  At breakfast in the hotel Lucas got chocolate milk to go in a coffee cup and kept saying it was his coffee. That was pretty cute, although I felt the older lady at the hotel front desk was judging me. Maybe she thought it was really coffee.

I planned for us to go to Romelia Farm and Petting Zoo before we had to embark on the cruise. On the drive there we saw the Disney Wish and Lucas said, “that’s our ship it has a mickey mouse on it!” It was an exciting and cute moment. We have been talking about “the big ship” for so long!

At Romelia’s Farm we did a tour on a tractor with 3 other people. The tour was nice and informative. Lucas was afraid of most of the animals, but he did feed some goats. We bought feed for the horses also, so at the end of the tour we did that. It was a little intimidating to feed horses, they are big and have pretty big teeth. Lucas just held onto my arm to help feed the horses. Before we left we got ice cream. Then we drove back to town and got some lunch at Subway. We had some time to spare so Don found a dive shop to pick up some antifog for our snorkels. We are ready for the cruise!!

Then we made our way to the Disney port. The parking was easy. Waiting in line took awhile but was pretty efficient. Our port time was 1:30 but we got to our line around 1. Lucas wouldn’t nap despite being in the stroller, too excited. When we got on they announced us and said “welcome the Gopez family”. Then we got wands. Lucas really wanted to put his name on his. We made our way to our room. It’s great. It feels so much more spacious than I expected. We have a balcony; I don’t think I can ever go back to no balcony.

We decided to put on bathing suits so Lucas could get in toy story splash pad. He was there for maybe 10 minutues but then it closed for the safety drill. We all had to go to our designated safety spots for the drill. Lucas was asking a lot of questions like “is it a fire drill?”. He was scared of the loud alarm the ship made. Then it started raining, like a downpour. It was also crazy windy. Many people left but we took cover with a few other people under a ledge. Don said, “wow they really make these drills realistic nowadays” and people laughed.

After the drill we went back in to relax before dinner. We tried to get Lucas to nap but with no luck. We watched the boat take off from the port from our balcony. That was a very cool experience.

Then we had dinner at Marvel. We were seated with another Filipino family from Canada but the mom got really upset. She didn’t know you were seated with other families for cruises, and she demanded they get their own table. It was a little awkward and I felt bad for the older kids but we had a great dinner. Lucas had pizza, mac and cheese, and veggies. Don had mushrooms, salad, soup, and beef tenderloin. I had shrimp and chicken schnitzel. We had a cupcake for dessert. The food was pretty good, but the best part of the meal was the show. The avengers had to save the ship and we had to participate. Lucas loved it. Spidey showed up and Lucas got to meet him. Lucas would not stop talking about spiderman and saving the ship. He did want to know why the bad guys showed up to the ship though. Part of the video showed bad guys taking over the ship and destroying parts of it, so there were lots of questions about “did they clean up the mess yet, is the ship fixed?”.  It was a really awesome dinner.

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