Heading home

Lucas woke up again around 6:15. We packed and played store again a bit. We sat on our balcony and then we had breakfast at the hotel. We had a little bit of time so Don found a little free space history museum next to space x. A worker named Larry greeted us. He gave Lucas a scavenger hunt that had like 12 pictures on it. That was fun and he got a pin and a patch for it. Don also bought a little stuffed Astronaut for him. 

Then we made our way to Orlando airport to drop off the car. It was pretty easy. We had Chinese for lunch. Lucas was choking /gagging on an egg roll and spit up into his lunch. Luckily, we were pretty much done. Then we went to our gate. Storms were moving in so gates were getting switched and delayed. After boarding our plane and getting it loaded up with our stuff we were sitting on the plane for an hour. Lucas fell asleep during this time. He slept most of the flight thankfully.

Traffic was horrendous on our way back to our house. We decided to have dinner at Brownstone. We also talked about how we needed to plan another trip!!

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