Indoor waterpark

Today Lucas actually woke up at 7:30 and he probably would have slept longer if I had been fast enough to turn off the green light. His eyes fluttered open a bit and he saw the green. I did get him to lay down and watch cars until about 8:15. 

So we actually had a lazy morning. We had eggs, bacon, sausage, English muffins, and fruit. Khris has been awesome cooking everything. 

After breakfast Lucas played with the other kids and we were able to hang out a bit, talking. Then we got ready to go to the H2Oooohh! Indoor Waterpark at Split Rock Resort. We went with Judy, Alice, Matt, Emily and Lily. Later Shane, Natalie, and Madelyn came also. 

I had reserved the tickets in advance and it was going to be $118 for 2 adults and 1 kid, but when I got there the cashier told me the big water slides were not running until 2 so we only paid $58! That didn’t matter to us anyway because Lucas was too small. We had a lot of fun in the wave pool. There were 2 smaller slides that we all did except Lucas was scared. Then there was an area that dumped water buckets on you and Lucas liked that. But overall we did the wave pool. 

Emily got Judy and I to do the obstacle course which was pulling yourself on a rope across floaties. We succeeded! 

Judy, Don, and I also did the boogie board simulator thing. It was crazy! 

We got some food around 1. Lucas seemed so tired. He said he wanted to go back to the house after he ate but then he was back out in the wave pool haha. 

We left around 2:30. Lucas napped until around 4:30 at the house. Then we enjoyed a delicious lasagna dinner made by Jess, Emily, and Lily. Khris made some awesome garlic bread and a salad. Lucas ate so good! Then we did a cake and sang happy birthday. 

After dinner we played a bags game against Khris and Jess. Don and I were losing so bad, like 8-16 at one point. But we came back blazing and we ended up winning 21-18! 

Then the kids gathered some sticks to make a fire on top of a charcoal grill for smores. Bonfires are not allowed at this property so that is kind of a bummer but we made it work. 

It was getting dark and I wanted to get Lucas asleep so I told him we could get in the hot tub for a bit and then do bath. He loves the hot tub. He’s had a lot of late nights. Here we are 10 pm and Lucas is still up.  

After Lucas fell asleep we played the game Chameleon. It was fun! Tomorrow we have to get up early and head out before 9 am for our flight out of Newark.  

lake harmony beach day

Lucas was up at 6:40 but we got him to stay in his bed until about 8. When we got up Lucas asked Khris to make eggs. Then he wanted more eggs! 

We hung around the house for a couple hours then we got ready for the beach. The beach is a private beach for Lake Harmony Estate. It was pretty nice. The kids enjoyed it. It was a bit cold but we got used to it. Lucas swam a lot then he played in the sand. 

Then he saw khris going swimming so he went over and got to fish for the first time. We caught nothing.  

We stayed at the beach until about 1:45. Then we came home and made some lunch. Lucas got a nap in. 

While he was napping I played bags/cornhole with Khris, Steve, and Jess. When Lucas woke up he watched Super Mario Brothers. 

I knew Lucas wanted to try the hot tub so we got our swimming suits on and did that. He loved it. Then Emily, Lily, Matt, Madelyn, and Natalie joined us. Lucas did not want to be out and pretty much had to be bribed with chocolate. 

Then people started playing games. I was working on cleaning some sweet corn so Khris could cook it. Lucas helped me for a bit. Don tried to play dnd but Lucas was throwing a fit that he needed him. It was already 7 pm so I made Lucas some dinner. Then the 3 of us got in the hot tub again. Lucas mentioned if I could save him a piece of corn for tomorrow. 

I got him to take a bath and told him to go say goodnight. The corn was almost done so I told Lucas be could have some. He had one and a half. He loves it! Then he was running around and basically didn’t fall asleep until 10 pm again. 

After Lucas was asleep we played the boomer meme game. Judy also gave Don a gift of 2 bottles of wine that both had 42 in their name and a towel which is from the book Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.  

Heading to the poconos

Lucas woke up again today at 7:30 on the dot. He coughed a little last night and puked up a little. I really hope this is it for that. We went to our hotel breakfast then we packed up. 

We went over to Don’s mom’s and hung out. Lucas watched a bunch of transformers stuff. We had lunch then we got in the car to make our way to the Poconos house.  

Lucas took a nap in the car so that was good. We stopped in Mt Pocono to pick up groceries at Walmart. Khris and I had been working on a list. Then we ordered 7 pizzas from Dominic’s Pizza and they were done super quick! 

Once we got to the house Steve and Don went to pick up the pizzas. I worked on unloading the car. Lucas had fun playing with Emily and Lily. Then we all ate some pizza and salad. After dinner we talked then we got out a game of bags and played on the balcony. It was fun Lucas even played. Then we just hung out. 

The house and area look pretty awesome. I can’t wait to explore tomorrow. Lucas has had a lot of late nights, it’s 10:30 and he’s still awake!

Family time

Today Lucas woke up around 7:30, which is still 6:30 our usual time. He played transformers while we got ready for breakfast. Breakfast was ok. There were a lot of different sandwiches, cereal, and yogurt. After breakfast we went to Lola’s house. Lucas played transformers again, worked on writing and watched tv. After lunch we went to the pool at Lola’s apartment. It was fun but chilly. The water was nice but the wind was cold. Lucas has fun swimming around though. 

Then we came back to the hotel to nap. A woman was still cleaning our room so that was a bit weird. I tried to converse a little in Spanish to tell her the pillow and sheets were dirty. I think she understood, Duolingo for the win!

After nap we headed over to Jonathan and Wighanda’s. On the way there we were trying to figure out the child lock on our car and I accidentally closed the latch so the door wouldn’t close. A quick fix for this is using the outside door handle. It was so crazy. We drove 20 minutes with Don just holding the door shut because we didn’t figure out this easy fix until we were already at Jonathan’s.

We were a little hesitant and worried to go see Lucas’s cousins because one of them had been sick and hopefully she was getting over it. It’s hard not to see them because we don’t get to visit often. It was fun to see them together. Fingers crossed Lucas stays well. 

They played mostly outside on the trampoline, with cars, swing set, and Lucas did his first sparkler here. 

We got home late. Lucas played with transformers. It’s almost 11 pm and he’s still not asleep. 

travel day

We woke up, had breakfast and finished packing. We left the house at 9:15. I thought our flight was at 1:10 but that was the boarding time! The real flight time was 1:45, so we were pretty early. We wanted extra time for parking because last time all lots were full.  

So we made it with plenty of time. We decided to leave the stroller behind since we didn’t need it for anything other than the airport. So far Lucas is doing great walking. 

We had lunch at burrito beach then we went to our gate. Lucas practiced drawing his letters for a long time. Then I showed him the surprise transformers book we got him. It has little figurines. 

We learned our flight was delayed due to waiting for the captain, who was coming from another flight. 

The flight was over an hour delayed. Lucas fell asleep before we took off. I don’t know how he slept because a family who sat across from us had 2 screaming kids. One was maybe a little younger than Lucas and he was just plain loud. The other was probably 4-5 months and he would just let out these loud screams. Lucas woke up with about 20 minutes left of the flight. 

Then the baby really started screaming, screamed the whole descent. Thank God this was only a 2 hour flight. 

We could see NYC as we landed. It looked cool. Lucas looked slightly distressed during the landing but he was worried about his movie Cars which had stopped, not the actual landing.  

Lucas did great walking thru the airport to our rental car. We have a Ford Escape, which I believe is what we had last time we flew into Newark. Spacious car, but I don’t love things about it. However, we were able to connect our phones to the screen and use the GPS this time so maybe this car isn’t so bad!

Then we went to Don’s mom’s apartment. We had dinner and hung out for a bit. Lucas found a box of old binoculars and Lola gave them to him. That is funny because on the drive over he said “oh no, I think I forgot something. My binoculars!” 

We got to the hotel Home2 around 9 pm and Lucas did not want to go to bed. After bath and bribery he finally fell asleep around 10:30. He started coughing about 20 minutes into sleep. The coughing was pretty bad and at one point around 12:15 he puked. Luckily, he only got the pillow and a small portion of the sheet. I felt so bad for him and I really hope his cough gets better soon.