Family time

Today Lucas woke up around 7:30, which is still 6:30 our usual time. He played transformers while we got ready for breakfast. Breakfast was ok. There were a lot of different sandwiches, cereal, and yogurt. After breakfast we went to Lola’s house. Lucas played transformers again, worked on writing and watched tv. After lunch we went to the pool at Lola’s apartment. It was fun but chilly. The water was nice but the wind was cold. Lucas has fun swimming around though. 

Then we came back to the hotel to nap. A woman was still cleaning our room so that was a bit weird. I tried to converse a little in Spanish to tell her the pillow and sheets were dirty. I think she understood, Duolingo for the win!

After nap we headed over to Jonathan and Wighanda’s. On the way there we were trying to figure out the child lock on our car and I accidentally closed the latch so the door wouldn’t close. A quick fix for this is using the outside door handle. It was so crazy. We drove 20 minutes with Don just holding the door shut because we didn’t figure out this easy fix until we were already at Jonathan’s.

We were a little hesitant and worried to go see Lucas’s cousins because one of them had been sick and hopefully she was getting over it. It’s hard not to see them because we don’t get to visit often. It was fun to see them together. Fingers crossed Lucas stays well. 

They played mostly outside on the trampoline, with cars, swing set, and Lucas did his first sparkler here. 

We got home late. Lucas played with transformers. It’s almost 11 pm and he’s still not asleep. 

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